Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Mariel Rodriguez declares 'I heart Robin Padilla'

She has maintained that nothing romantic is going on between her and Robin Padilla, but Mariel Rodriguez surprised many when she made a bold declaration of her feelings for the action star on her Twitter account.

"I ♥ robin padilla," the TV host-actress tweeted early morning of July 18.

An hour later, Mariel explained the story behind her post:

"I was feeling down because a friend (atleast I thought we were friends) made me feel bad. Robin cheered me up.that's why again I ♥ ROBIN!"

She reiterated her explanation on "The Buzz" later that day.

"Kasi he really supported 'Cinco' [Mariel's first movie] and nung time na 'yon kasi, I was going through something with another friend, really feeling down. And siguro dun sa mga nakakakilala kay Robin, they know that he can really make someone feel good so super chineer up niya talaga ko."

She then added: "At you know what, I say 'I love you' to everyone!"

Mariel said it's "unfair" that out of the many people she expresses her love to, people make a big fuss out of her declaration for her former "Wowowee" co-host.

"Iba 'yung dating kapag nag-'I love you' kay Robin Padilla, 'di ba?" "Buzz" host Charlene Gonzales told her guest.

"I heart, cute lang," Mariel quipped.

KC Concepcion, who did the interview with Charlene, then noticed something on Mariel's finger: a ring.

"Mariel, what's that ring on your finger?" KC asked.

Mariel said it's simply a "ring," but KC insisted, "it looks like an engagement ring." The former maintained, with a seeming sheepish grin, "No, it's just a ring. It's just a ring."

When the camera focused on the ring, however, Mariel moved her clenched left hand (which was on her lap) to the side of her thigh, as if trying to hide the ring.

Not letting go of the subject, KC prodded, "Mariel, how much do you love Robin?"

The 25-year-old Kapamilya star turned wide-eyed, and quickly replied, "Oh my gosh! No he's a friend, he's a friend."

"How much do you love him as a friend?" KC asked.

"Like how much I love you," Mariel told her. "I love everyone. We (Robin and Mariel) are just friends."

"I will save you Mariel, just thank everyone for watching 'Cinco,"' Charlene said.

Mariel went on to thank those who have watched the Star Cinema horror movie and even related that she herself went to see the film on Saturday, July 17.

"Buzz" host Toni Gonzaga, who is one of Mariel's closest friends in showbiz, yelled from the audience: "Sinong kasama mong nanood?"

Mariel answered, "Mga friends ko."

"Pero Charlene lagi silang nakikita ni Robin Padilla after ng 'Wowowee' nanonood sila ng movie sa Rockwell... Feeling ko talaga love na love mo siya," said KC, bringing up another Mariel-Robin rumor.

When Mariel was showed on the screen, she looked to be quiet, only smiling slightly.

KC did not let go of the issue though. "Unless sinabihan ka ng guy ng 'I love you,' hindi naman magkakaron ganun-ganun na lang ng confidence ang babae na isigaw sa mundo 'yon," she said.

Charlene remarked: "KC parang may ibig sabihin 'yon."

"Parang iba 'yung napag-uusapan natin," Mariel blurted.

Mariel's declaration on Twitter was not the first she made about the 42-year-old actor. Two weeks ago, she admitted (after some hesitation) on "The Buzz" that for her, Robin has the most beautiful face in showbiz. She has also confirmed in another recent interview that she and Robin went out on a date.

"We went to Rockwell. We watched a movie, 'Knight & Day.' Ang ganda ng movie. Wala, we're just getting to know each other," she said.

Reposted From Manila Bulletin

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