Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Review # 5 - Life - 4 hours At A Time

Blog - Life - 4 Hours At A Time
Writer - Bluebirdy
Address - Canada

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Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile) Trying to bear enormous stress, makes lupus worse, causing other diseases, as it destroys each organ. In July 2007, was given a year to live. We wonder who will go next, (in a house of 3 terminally ill people). Hope to start a new life, TO ENJOY AND LEARN AND DO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in this short SCHOOL called life. God will decide when I go, not a Dr. Remarried but no honeymoon yet, hubby is in war zone. Dad died Nov. 07. I am very close to my Lord, and love to study what others believe. He is my tangible comfort and strength through each hour. My every thought and decision is for Him. I'm only useful 4 hours each day, and not all at once. I do computer work in bed & housework or exercise for 5 minutes at a time, then rest half an hour. I'll share the hard days as well as the great days, for that is reality. I am here on earth until I finish what I was sent here to do. I WILL LAY DOWN AND BLEED A WHILE, THEN RISE AND FIGHT AGAIN! (Over and over again). I would like people to see how bad off I got, so that when I am helped, and hopefully healed... the world will see that miracles can still happen.

Technical Features - For a person who is so sick that she uses her computer in bed, her template and over all layout is not bad at all. In fact, it is a lot better than the normal run-of-the-mill blogs. The simplicity of the blog and that soft feminine touch inspire readers to take a second hard look at its contents. She entertains listeners with soft mellow music in her instant music audio while they are perusing her blog.

Ratings For Her Technical Features - 9

Contents - If I will search the whole blog world for a writer whose messages flow from her heart and soul, Bluebirdy is that writer. Although steeped in unbelievable pain and personal problems, she can still weave her magic spell on her blog posts that speak about her personal struggles with lupus, fibromyalgia and other exotic diseases that would have downed any strong man to his death. She has that so called "suicide disease" that is characterized by so much agonizing pain on the nervous system that many lesser victims have sought quick death through suicide than a lifetime of lingering pain. But through it all, Bluebirdy maintains her sweet charm and poise and grace brought about by her undying faith in God who has kept her alive inspite of the fact that her doctor told her that she would surely die in 2007. She is now living on a borrowed life, pouring out her heart and emotions through her awe inspiring articles that have never failed to produce amazement and awe from her readers. And she has a very grateful spirit, grateful for any minute improvement of her health like now that she is feeling a little better because of D-Ribose. She has not failed to trumpet this to the world so that pain sufferers like her could have access to pain relieving miracle drugs. If I would live a thousand years, I would probably not meet another soul whose glorious legacy shines brightly amidst the darkened skies of this materialistic world. Each article of Bluebirdy is fraught with her heart, soul, emotions, love and awe inspiring faith in God. Not even in her darkest and most painful moment would she ever consider blaming God for her excruciating ordeals. Indeed, she's a modern lady Job worthy to be emulated by all men who are undergoing trials and sufferings in their lives.

Ratings For Content - Perfect 10

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