Friday, June 25, 2010

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Noynoy formally invites Corona other justices to inauguration

President-elect Benigno “Noynoy" Aquino III has already formally invited Chief Justice Renato Corona and other justices of the Supreme Court to attend his inauguration on June 30. Aquino said he has instructed a team to send invitations to all offices of the three branches of government, saying they are “co-equal" and should be extended the proper courtesy. “I would assume all the members of co-equal branches of government would be invited… Invitations will be delegated to the protocol office who I am sure will know whom to invite," he said in an interview on Thursday night. This page requires a higher version browser Aquino, who is set to take his oath of office at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila next Wednesday, however said that he did not issue a personal invitation to Corona. The president-elect said that he is too busy completing his Cabinet to send personal invitations to certain guests. “Kanya-kanyang toka sa trabaho para sa inauguration. Sa akin, pagbuo ng Cabinet, maghanda sa June 30 afternoon. We’re supposed to already give them marching orders. Yan ang primary ko," he said. (We divided the work of preparing for the inauguration. Mine is to form the Cabinet, prepare for June 30 afternoon. We’re supposed to already give them marching orders. That’s my primary task.)

Aquino chose to defy tradition by deciding not to get the incumbent Chief Justice to swear him in. He opted instead to take his oath of office before Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales. The president-elect has repeatedly said in the past he will not recognize Corona’s appointment as chief justice, insisting that it is covered by the constitutional ban on appointments to government posts two months before the President leaves office.

The high court, whose 14 associate justices were appointed by outgoing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, however ruled that the constitutional ban on midnight appointments does not cover the judiciary, and applies only to the executive branch. (See: Supreme Court allows Arroyo to appoint next chief justice) Carpio-Morales was the lone dissenter in this SC ruling, saying that the ban on midnight appointment applies to all three branches of government. Corona’s attendance uncertain Court spokesperson and administrator Jose Midas Marquez however said that Corona and the other justices’ attendance in the inauguration remains uncertain. Marquez said the justices only received their invitations on Friday afternoon. He added that Corona and the rest of the justices might have other appointments on Wednesday, so he could not say whether they would accept the invitation and attend the inauguration. Corona said in an earlier interview that he has not yet considered whether or not to attend Aquino’s inaugural since he has not yet been invited in the first place.—Andreo C. Calonzo/JV, GMANews.TV

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Repost From Sid Ventura Of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Sparring Partner: Manny's 'Mystery' Opponent

By Sid Ventura, Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia Friday June 18, 2010 06:12 pm PHT

Pacquiao-Mayweather is the big bout we've all been waiting for, but both camps have been silent recently. Just who exactly is Manny fighting in November?

Everyone is still assuming a Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather matchup is on later this year, but no one from both camps is saying anything. According to Robert Morales at, Bob Arum will only confirm that Manny will have a bout in November, but at this point can't say who against. Meanwhile, Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions, also refused to comment on anything.

Between Floyd's announcements about a planned hiatus and the lack of even a shred of confirmation from Arum and Schaefer, you can't help but wonder if the megafight will take place at all. Meanwhile, names like Antonio Margarito and Tim Bradley are being floated around as candidates in case the Mayweather talks float through. Pacquiao himself was quoted as saying he wouldn't mind a rematch with two former victims: newly-crowned light middleweight champion Miguel Cotto and former junior welterweight champ Ricky Hatton.

Of these four, I don't see anyone who will be worth watching, but if I were to choose, Margarito would probably be the most intriguing prospect. He has the height (5'11") to make Manny work a bit harder. The problem is his reputation has forever been tarnished by a suspension due to the illegal substances found in his hand wraps right before he fought Shane Mosley in January last year.

Bradley has no name recall so I'm pretty sure Arum will quickly strike this name off the list. I'll bet most of you immediately searched his name on the Web as soon as you read this. As for Cotto, the Pacquiao camp must be salivating at the prospect of beating the Puerto Rican again with his WBA light middleweight title on the line. A win would give Pacquiao a title in an eighth weight class, a record that would undoubtedly stand for a long, long time. But seriously, this may be pushing it. Pacquiao fighting at 154 pounds will be testing the limits of his body. Besides, right now I think fighting Mayweather is more important than capturing an eighth title.

Hatton? I can only surmise that Pacquiao was joking when he said he would welcome a rematch with this guy. Who would want to watch that? Rematches are made if the first fight was a) exciting; and b) close to the point of being inconclusive. Pacquiao-Hatton was exciting, but in a mismatch sort of way. And it certainly wasn't close. What's more, if this fight is to be made, Hatton probably needs 10 years to get back into shape. The guy is so overweight that the joke making the rounds about him goes, "There is only one Ricky Hatton? Apparently now there are two."

(Sidebar: I think the rematch that needs to be made is Cotto-Margarito. Their first bout ended with Cotto taking a knee in the 11th round after a savage beating from Margarito. But then came the hand wraps issue with Mosley, and now everybody is wondering if Margarito didn't have anything loaded in his gloves that caused a tough customer like Cotto to quit. A rematch should settle the issue once and for all.)

For Pacquiao, I repeat: if this is going to be his last fight, then it should be against Mayweather and no one else. Forget about going for a title in an eighth weight class. Forget about those other pretenders. Go out with a bang and fight the best available opponent.

If November is when the fight will be held, then Arum has maybe three or four weeks to finalize everything and to resolve whatever issues are preventing him and Schaefer from hammering out a deal. In the meantime, the rest of the boxing world has four words for these two gentlemen: get it done, guys.

A sportswriter since 2001, Sid Ventura was one of the first in the Philippines to write a sports column exclusively on line. He also does television commentary for Philippine college basketball, is a senior writer for a local basketball magazine and has a day job that requires him to watch 1970's TV shows (true story). Before suffering a knee injury while running after his three-year-old daughter (true story, really) he played shooting guard at pick-up games. He could neither shoot nor guard. Got a comment or question? Send them and he may answer or use them in a potential column. E-mail Sparring Partner at

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Monday, June 21, 2010

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Will romance with Shaina affect John Lloyd’s career?

By Gerry Plaza – June 21st, 2010
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Showbiz Eye by Gerry Plaza
Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Amid all the vehement denials and outright dismissals of alleged romances in show biz, here comes someone who comes forth and admits the real score in his love life.

John Lloyd Cruz surprised the regular Sunday viewers of “The Buzz” with his admission that he and Shaina Magdayao are now an item.

“Matagal ko nang hinihintay ito,” he says. “Once and for all, gusto ko sabihin at sagutin na, yes, it’s us.”

According to Lloydie, the main reason he came out was that he wanted the speculations about their relationship and the purported links to other personalities to end.

“I wanted to come out and once and for all say something kasi ang dami nang nag-take advantage sa pagtahimik ko. Hindi na maganda kasi marami nang taong nadadamay and marami na ang taong nasasaktan. Hindi na nakakatuwa… Dapat magsalita na ako. Para sa kanila at di para sa akin. Wala akong maiko-complain sa buhay ko. “

To his detractors, he only has this to say:

“I wish them the same happiness I have right now.”

This is a very much welcome development for these two young stars, who have faced a barrage of intrigues over their now confirmed relationship. Previously, Lloydie had been charged with using Shaina to conceal another alleged romance with Ruffa Gutierrez, his co-star in the defunct “I Love Betty La Fea.” During the interview, he also admitted his relationship with Ruffa was “very special.”

He also reportedly promised Sarah Geronimo, his co-star in the blockbuster romantic comedies “A Very Special Love” and “You Changed My Life,” that he would soon woo her.

“Hindi mo ‘yun sinasabi o pinapangako sa isang babae. ‘O maghintay ka diyan ha, hintayin mo ko, after four or five years…’ Hindi mo naman alam kung anong puwedeng mangyari eh. Hindi ‘yan totoo.”

He also allegedly snagged Shaina from her ex-boyfriend John Prats, who supposedly didn’t know of their trysts while they were still together.

Lloydie claims he and John had ironed out the matter “man to man.”

“Iyon kasi ang nakakatawa saka sa kalagitnaan ng usap-usapan diyan, e, siyempre ang tamang gagawin ay kakausapin mo iyong tao. Nagkausap kami lalake sa lalake. Okay, maayos… Lalake sa lalake, sabi ko sa kanya na, ‘Let us put our egos behind us.’ Kung may naaapektuhan dito, ang babae.”

With his admission, Lloydie seems very serious about his feelings for Shaina and their romance would definitely become the hottest item in show biz in the weeks to come.

Why did it take Lloydie a long time to admit this? Somehow, it’s mainly because their relationship isn’t a studio-backed pairing; Lloydie rarely appeared, if ever, opposite Shaina, much less as a marquee love team.

Will it affect his career as a matinee idol, a three-time box office king? In my book, hardly.

John Lloyd Cruz is definitely one of the few young actors who have maintained a bankable acting career regardless of who he is paired with. What more with his personal life?

Photos courtesy of Star Magic/ABS-CBN

Gerry Plaza is a longtime entertainment editor and writer who would never ever become a denial prince, much less a box office king. You can e-mail Gerry at

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