Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blog Review # 32 - Simply Happy Life

Ang signature family picture namin sa blog ko.

Yours truly, lol.

Nagmumuni muni ng aking future dito, lol.

Ang sexy ko dito ano? lol.

Sumayaw kami nang native dance dito. Ako yung may halo sa ulo, lol.

Si Jake habang naglalaro.

Kasama kong dabarkads ko dito, ako yung pinakasexy sa gitna, lol.

Hindi si Little Mermaid yan, ako yan. Direk giniginaw na ako, lol.

Picture ito sa Chocolate Hills with friends.

Picture ko ito nung dalaga pa ako at teacher sa grade 5. Ang ganda ko no? lol.

Jake in Santa's lap. Sana bigyan ako ni Santa ng Play Station 3, lol.

Baby Justine in Santa's lap. Pano ba yan mommy, naiihi ako, lol.

So much in love, hehehe, lol.

Sexy ako maski preggy ano? lol.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration this year, thanks God.

Ibalik nyo ako sa Pilipinas, huhuhu, lol.

Kaya kong alagaan ang baby sister ko no?

Teka, anong key ba yung kantang Nobody (But You) ng Wonder Girls?

Ako ang pinakabatang Rock Star, si Pretty Boy Jake, lol.

Ganito ba yung pagsayaw ni Lady Gaga mommy?

Kung merong Lady Gaga ako nama'y si Lady Santa, hohoho!

Kita nyo yung bonnet ko? Bigay sa akin yan nang Black Eyed Peas, lol.

Direk, parang napakabata ko pa yata para mag disrobe, lol.

No I'm not turning my back on you loyal fans, just tidying up my toys, lol.

Justine with her first solid food. Mommy wala bang roast beef? lol

We're the next brother and sister act in Hollywood, lol.

I'm a big boy already. I can take care of my kid sister, di ba napaka cute namin ?

Father and Son, nobody will notice that Jake has rashes here, lol.

One big happy family. Who sez I am lonely?

Meet Jake, the world's youngest image model, lol.

Baby Justine. Am I not cute like Baby Azumi?

Younger Jake. No, I wuz not raped lol, I wuz just trying a new style I learned from Lady Gaga

Picture of my sisters. Oh how I miss them terribly!

Here's Jake when he was still a baby.

A reckless part of my life when I bought a house I could not keep. I was still single then and very naive, lol.

My beloved family with Jake trying to be a nanny to his sister, lol.

Look Ma, I can eat with my bare hands, lol.

Ist birthday celebration of Jake; how happy we are as a family

This is the first birthday of Jake with our beloved Papa Bear, lol.
This is my tita, youngest sister of my dad.

These are my parents, I miss them so much.

Blog Review # 32
Name of Blog - Simply Happy Life
Writer of Blog - Shydub

Personal Profile -


Choosing between Be with the one you love and The one who loves you... I chose both. Giving up my career and move to a different country where you feel like stranger wasn't that easy as I thougt it would, but no regrets. I have a great loving husband and a wonderful good baby to share life with. They are my family, which I'm proud and happy to call it my own. Someday, we can go back to where i came from and make it up what i've missing. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, I would love to hear from you again. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Technical Features - Template is superb. Layout is fantastic. No commercial ads just badges from friends. Blog's over all outlook is pleasing to the eyes. Blog exudes happiness and joy of a family life.

Ratings For Technical Features - 10

Contents - Contents are a mixture of personal annecdotes and family life interspersed with fantastic family photos. The posts are so personal and honest, you can easily empathize with the author. I love her sincerity and the transparent way she relates her life. No make over or pretensions. I love it when she admits her mistakes in life like when she bought a house out of impulsiveness only to give it up later on. She had a wonderful life in the Philippines with her loving relatives and friends but she had to give them all up when she got married and migrated to the States. Now she has two lovable and adorable kids who are the apple of her eyes. Her blog is a must see for all blog hoppers and she is an enduring and loyal friend to those are loyal to her.

Ratings For Contents - 10

Personal Note to the Author - I have known you only very recently but in that short time, I learned to appreciate your honesty and sincerity. Your very personal and honest comments in my blogs have touched me so much and have put a burden in my heart. I am praying for the realization of all your dreams and I wish you become happy and fulfilled with your family there in the US. Like Dhemz who was so thoughtful and loving to you when she composed a heartfelt poem for you, let this post serves as a belated Birthday and Christmas gift to you and an advanced New Year's gift too. Be happy always my friend and trust the Lord with all your heart. And He will give you permanent joy and peace in your heart. God bless you and your loved ones always.

Mel Avila Alarilla

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