Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Review # 6 - Sameera's Haven

Name of Blog - Sameera's Haven
Author - Sameera Ansari

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her personal profile) - Ms. Sameera Ansari is a physical therapist working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She describes herself as "a mystery to the unknown, an open book to the known. I swing between polarities, in a small world of my own. To know me better read me, these writings I lay here; which reflect the essence of my soul, simple and clear."

The Blog's Technical Features - Sameera's Haven is a delight to behold. The layout is outstanding and the template is near perfect. I have seen how this blog evolved in its physical transformation. The setting up of different widgets as its template is a feat only a real computer techie can achieve.

Ratings For Physical Features - 10

Contents - Sameera is one of the few bloggers I truly admire in her writings. She never fails to impress me with the magnitude of her talent and the erudition of her writing style. My hat's off to her in her story telling. Her stories are really masterpieces worthy of commercial publication. Her poems reflect a deep commitment of her soul and a heart yearning to burst out of its emotions and feelings. She is good natured and extremely loyal to friends. She has the capacity to express great love and friendship to everyone. There is a philosophical nature inside her that many times are radiated in her works. She can be a prodigious writer if she wants to and if only her professional work does not hinder her. Her grammar and sentence construction are excellent and impeccable. You will glimpse a beautiful soul yearning to love and be loved in her writings. A real professional blogger that stands out in the sea of myriads of bloggers.

Ratings For Blog Contents - 9.9

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