Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Review # 20 - The Diamond-drops Mansion

The Multi Faceted Faces of Eel Wind

Name of Blog - The Diamond-drops Mansion
Writer - Eel Wind of Malaysia

Personal Profile - Eel Wind is a student from Malaysia and is only 21 years old.
About Me - The slippery and uncatchable Eel, the felt but unseen Wind, both serene and devastating- Foreword by Azer Mantessa
Eel Wind's Interests- Arts, history, poetry, song composing, classical, reading and writing
His Favorite Music- Pop, Classic, Jazz and Country but not too much hip-hop and rock

Technical Features- Eel Wind's blog is a technical delight with personalized template
showing him back to back. Layout is also special and refreshing to the eyes. He is a wizard in special effects on photos and his various photos in this review will attest to that fact. His blog is purely personal and for fun and is not tainted by commercialism.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9.5

Contents - Contents of Eel Wind's blog are a mixture of personal anecdotes in his life revolving around his relatives and friends, and around his teaching experiences. Through his numerous posts, you can have a glimpse of his life in Malaysia and the different adventures he encountered in life. He is also a dreamer and an idealist who longs for a better quality of life. His dreams are often reflective of his inner longings and desires in life. Eel Wind has a big heart for his relatives and friends both around him and in the blogging world. Krystyna of Staying Young and Healthy speaks so highly of Eel Wind's kindness and pure heart. Delight yourself in the fantastic world of our wonder kid from Malaysia.

Ratings For Content - 9.5

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