Friday, March 20, 2009

Blog Review # 23 - Fickle Minded- A Life That Is Less Ordinary


Willa (Mother)

Father and Son

Christmas with Willa and her Kids

Happy Holidays

Wonderful Digiscrap of Her Children

An Angel in Slumber

Patrick The Future Hearthrob

Patrick With Golden Memories

Performance Day at School

World's Youngest Fisherman

I Hope I Don't Catch Jaws.

Camera Conscious Fishermen

Heir Apparent To Michael Jackson

Memento From Lake Erie

Ashley and Dominique

Family Love


Loving Couple

Her Sister

Blog - Fickle Minded- A Life That Is Less Ordinary
Writer - Willa


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1. Fickle Minded- My Photography
2. Fickle Minded- My Digiscrap

Personal Profile - Proud Filipina expat in Canada. This blog is about my journey in life, together with my husband and my two kids who happens to be the love of my life as we travel the road one step at a time. (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile).

Technical Features-

The blog is smart looking and very techie in appearance. Template and layout are very organized and in their proper places. Presentation of posts is very short and straight to the point. Color combination is very appealing to the eyes. The blog is liberally spiced up by attractive photos and widgets. A must for all blog hoppers.

Ratings For Technical Features - 10


Contents are very short, succinct and straightforward. Posts are anecdotal and pertain to personal experiences of her and her family in Canada. Her posts show her deep attachment and love for her family especially her children who are the apples of her eyes. Her posts are liberally sprinkled with photos of her family. For those who want to get a glimpse of an expatriate life in Canada by a homegrown Filipina, this blog will satisfy your cravings. A must read for all blog enthusiasts.

Ratings For Contents - 9

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