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Blog Review # 24 -The Filipina Mom In Denmark

Ana Lindenhann

Ana at Work in Denmark

Ana celebrating her son's birthday

I just love biking

Father and son at a Philippine beach

Tender moments to share

The exuberance of being young

Picture of Ana's mother

Picture of Ana's parents

Picture of Ana's grandma (already deceased)

Picture of Ana's family in the Philippines

Blog - The Filipina Mom In Denmark
Writer - Ana Lindenhann

Proud member of Filipinos Unite!!!
Personal Profile -


About filipinamom

Filipinamom is 37 year old mother to 2 1/2 year old super active toddler, married and a back to school mom.

Filipinamom did not dreamed of marrying somebody from different country but fate brought her in here in Denmark and living a challenging life balancing motherhood and integrating to the host country but her Filipino traits and culture still intact.

She is passionate about womens empowerment, environmental issues, organic products, Filipino values, architecture, danish design, Filipino Design, family & shoes. She is loyal and true friend but often misused but she believes in karma.

Here you can read about her tales about motherhood, student life in Denmark, relationships, uplifting Filipina image, environmental issues and take a glimpse of the Denmark where she lives now and the Philippines.

You are welcome to contact me personally at filipinamom(at) or leave a comment. But please no spam or i will spam you forever.

Or if you want to get to know me further here is my story .

Technical Features -

Filipina Mom In Denmark is not a techie blog nor done to impress readers but to give a strong message of a Filipina's commitment to her advocacies. It is the strong message of her fight for injustice and righteousness that will impress you. Her blog may not rate with the best in terms of technical presentation but it is highly recommendable to all blog hoppers who love their native land. Template and overall layout are just right. No frills.

Ratings For Technical Features - 8

Contents -

Contents of her blog are a mixture of a very strong adherence to the causes she is fighting for and tender articles of family love and bonding. The bond that exists in her family can never be extinguished by her separation in another country and another culture. She still retains the values and moral standards that were imbibed in her by her parents. She fights for the rights of her countrymen in Denmark and anywhere else in the world. She complement the efforts of other reformers and freedom fighters like her in advancing the cause of her country and her countrymen. Her posts about her family and loved ones are so tender and heart touching in their warmth and emotions. She is a fine and tender hearted mother, wife, daughter, sister and devoted family member of her clan. She brings honor and pride for her country and her countrymen in her adopted land of Denmark. She is a proud member of Filipinos Unite!!!. I highly recommend her blog to all freedom loving Filipinos and foreigners alike.

Ratings For Contents - Perfect 10

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