Friday, December 10, 2010

A Repost From GMA News.TV

Grand Lotto winner let another bettor cut in line to win the P740-M pot

The New York-based balikbayan could have missed the mind-boggling jackpot if he did not let another bettor cut in line at the lotto ticket outlet. The winner of the P740-million Grand Lotto jackpot “generously" let another person place her bet first and waited for his turn before he could place his winning combination for the lottery prize, a Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) official said Thursday. The PCSO earlier said that the Grand Lotto winner, who placed his bet at an outlet in Olongapo City in Zambales, used the “Lucky Pick" method, which generates randomly selected numbers, to come up with the winning combination. (See: Jackpot! Olongapo bettor wins P741.176-M lotto prize) “May sumingit na babae bago siya tumaya pero hindi siya nagalit at pinabayaan niya. Mukhang mabait talaga siyang tao," PCSO chair Margie Juico told GMANews.TV in a phone interview on Thursday night.

(A woman cut in line before he could place his bet, but he kept his cool and allowed her to place her bet first.)

The woman also used the “Lucky Pick" method, which meant that if she hadn’t cut in line, she would have received the winning combination. “Imagine, kung hindi sumingit ‘yung babae at hinintay, siya dapat ang nanalo," Juico added.

Juico said the Grand Lotto winner, a 60-year-old married man with three children, was a balikbayan from New York in the United States, who returned to the Philippines for a “sentimental journey" in his home country. “He has been staying in the US for a long time. He went back to the Philippines to visit places. Nagkatuwaan lang silang magkakapatid na tumaya sa Subic at doon siya sinwerte [He and his siblings agreed to place a bet at Subic, just for fun, and he got lucky]," she said. The PCSO chairperson, who personally handed the prize to the winner on Thursday afternoon, described the balikbayan as a “kind-looking" man. (See: Lucky bettor claims P741-M Grand Lotto prize) “Nakakatuwa kasi simple lang talaga siya at mukhang mabait. Sinabi niya sa akin na madasalin din siya. Dininig ang panalangin niya," she said.

(It’s so heart-warming, because he’s really just an ordinary guy, and kind-looking. He told me that he prayed often. His prayers were answered.)—JV, GMANews.TV

Reposted From GMA News.TV

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Repost From GMA News.TV

Pacquiao hits US fund-raisers for misuse of his name, image

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Wednesday arrested three Americans, including a Filipino naturalized US citizen, for allegedly using the name of Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao in their campaign to raise donations to fight dengue and malaria. In an interview, Pacquiao said he sought the help of NBI upon learning that Anthony Musso, Edward Gutierrez and former Filipino citizen Nora Llaniguez had put his picture, without his consent or knowledge, on their websites, and “Hiniling namin na mainbestigahan itong mga taong ito na gumagamit ng pangalan ko nang hindi ko alam, without my authority. Nagpost sila ng picture ko sa internet nang hindi ko alam," the congressman complained.

(We requested that these persons using my name without my knowledge, without my authority, be investigated. They posted my picture on the Internet without my knowledge.) The three were seeking donations to allegedly help “millions of children who get malaria and dengue fever," by buying medicines which the three themselves were also selling. Lawyer Eric Nuqui, NBI-National Capital Region supervising agent, said the three will be brought to the NBI office for further investigation to see if they should be charged with estafa. American trio approached Pacquiao before

Unfair naman sa akin na magpost sila ng picture ko at manghingi ng donation nang hindi ko alam. Kawawa naman yung mga tao na nagdodonate sila sa akin na hindi ko alam [It’s unfair for them to ask for donations using my picture without my knowledge. People they solicited donations from just got misled]," Pacquiao said. The lawmaker said the three had first approached him in Baguio this year. Since he was busy in training, he endorsed them to his chief of staff, lawyer Jeng Gacal. Gacal said, in a separate interview, that the three had wanted to make Pacquiao part of their foundation. Gacal turned down the request because the three insisted on peddling a certain type of medicine they were selling. “Lumapit sa amin na gusto isama si Manny sa foundation. Ang plano ay magdonate ng pera worldwide at the amount donated will be used for malaria and dengue, yun produkto rin nila," he said. (They approached us asking to include Manny in the foundation. The plan was to donate money worldwide, and the amount donated will be used for fighting malaria and dengue, also with their products.)

In a press release lifted from the group’s website, the group claimed Pacquiao had joined them as one of the “founding partners" of the Partners Against Malaria Foundation. Gacal said Pacquiao was in the US for his fight against Antonio Margarito when they were alerted that the eight-world-title boxing champion’s picture was for a time posted on the website. “Ang concern naming, baka me nabiktima na [Our concern is that during that time, there already might have been victims]," Gacal said. Claims and denials made by 3 Americans

Pacquiao said the three even accused his staff of extortion. “Ang sabi nila nanghihingi daw ang staff ko ng P20 million sa kanila para mai-set sila nang meeting sa akin. Nung inimbestigahan ko ang staff ko hindi naman tutoo [The three accused my staff of asking for P20 million to set a meeting with me. But I found out this wasn’t true]," he said. Musso, in an interview with reporters, denied the allegations, saying that he is involved in a legitimate anti-malaria campaign. He added that he lives in Cebu with his Cebuana wife. Gutierrez said their foundation is based in Makati, although he could not give the exact address. “We came to help this country and those who are dying of malaria and dengue. Our product is a very effective product that is saving lives worldwide and this is the reason why we are here," Gutierrez said. Llaniguez said they had several talks with Pacquiao in the past and came only to seek his help in promoting their product. – MRT/JV, GMANews.TV

Reposted From GMA News.TV

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Repost From AFP

Shanghai teenagers are world's smartest

Chinese students sitting during a class at a school in Shanghai in 2007. Teenagers from the Chinese city of Shanghai have the best education in the world, according to a major international study of standards in in maths, science and literacy released Tuesday.
Slideshow: Faces of Asia PH

PARIS (AFP) - – Teenagers from the Chinese city of Shanghai have the best education in the world, according to a major international study of standards in in maths, science and literacy released Tuesday.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's "Pisa" report, released every three years, studied 470,000 15-year-old pupils in 65 countries around the more developed parts of the world.

South Korea and Finland topped the country rankings in the survey but, taken separately from China, the huge city of Shanghai -- taking part in the survey for the first time -- came top in all three of the disciplines.

"More than one-quarter of Shanghai's 15-year-olds demonstrated advanced mathematical thinking skills to solve complex problems, compared to an OECD average of just three percent," the OECD said.

Other Asian countries and regions also scored particularly well, and OECD education expert Eric Charbonnier said the continent's success was a result of educational values that favour equality as well as quality.

"In Shanghai, a city of 20 million, they followed policies to fight against social inequality, to target the schools that were in most difficulty and send them the best performing heads and most experienced teachers," he said.

South Korea came second in comprehension, fourth in maths and sixth in science and Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan were well-placed.

Finland, whose educational system has been hailed by Western experts, remains the best performing European country, coming third in comprehension, second in science and third in maths.

Seven European countries performed better than the OECD average: Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Switzerland. Of these, Poland was praised for making rapid progress through school reform.

The United States, Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Britain, Hungary and Portugal scored around the average for richer countries, but pupils in Sweden and Ireland performed worse than three years ago.

"Better educational outcomes are a strong predictor for future economic growth," said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria.

"While national income and educational achievement are still related, PISA shows that two countries with similar levels of prosperity can produce very different results," he said.

"This shows an image of a world divided neatly into rich and well-educated countries and poor and badly-educated countries is now out of date."

The study also found that girls read better than boys in every country, by the equivalent of one year of school. The gender gap has not shrunk anywhere since 2000, and widened in France, Israel, Korea, Portugal and Sweden.

Analysing the results, experts found that high performing school systems prefer to pay teachers more rather than reduce class sizes, and countries that force underperformers to repeat years to do badly overall.

Reposted From AFP

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Repost From Thea Alberto of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Maggie and Victor's prenup video sparks controversy

By Thea Alberto, Yahoo! Southeast Asia Tuesday December 7, 2010 12:46 am PST

Former Binibining Pilipinas World Maggie Wilson and her fiancé, construction magnate Victor Consunji, stirred controversy as their (hot) prenuptial video spread like wildfire online.

Their controversial wedding teaser, shot by famed wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, showed Maggie "anticipating" her wedding day, as she stares at her diamond-studded engagement ring.

Then the couple is shown exchanging torrid kisses, then getting (almost) undressed, and yes, you will see them touching each other passionately here and there-you get it.

Clips also showed the two making out inside a white sports car and kissing underwater. There's no need to explain why Maggie has generated interest and landed on today's number 1 in Yahoo! Philippines' Trending Now list.

Maggie and Victor will hold a Catholic beach wedding on December 18 at Misibis Bay resort in Albay province.

Their "juicy" video generated widespread debate on whether it was appropriate to be a prenuptial video in a conservative country where brides-to-be are expected to be chaste.

In the one-stop wedding website, several comments hit the video.

"Liway" said the video was "not good, not good at all" because it was "supposed to be a prenup. It looked like a POSTnup for me. There are some things that you have to keep in private."

In Weddingsatwork's Yahoo! group, brides-to-be and newly married women had varied reactions.

Jemma Dela Cruz-Rodanilla said although the video was very artistic, she finds the video not so apt.

"As a Filipina living in a Christian country we should follow the traditional and be conservative people. Sana they kept it private na lang," she said.

Bride-to-be Cristina Prima said the video captured the couple's emotions but "as an audience, I see more of lust than love in the video."

Ruth Macoy meanwhile said in jest: "At least we had a glimpse on what they will do after their wedding."

In her Twitter account, Maggie defended her video.

"Love it or hate it...its MY video! :)" adding that they "wanted something different as opposed to the generic "pa-cute" videos."

How about you? What are your thoughts about the prenup videos?

Maggie and Victor from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Reposted From Thea Alberto of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Repost From Sid Ventura Of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Donaire pulverizes foe, eyes Montiel next

By Sid Ventura – December 6th, 2010

By Sid Ventura
For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Nonito Donaire, Jr. practically toyed with Ukrainian Wladimir Sidorenko before knocking out his opponent in the fourth round of their bantamweight bout to capture the World Boxing Association (WBA) Interim title and the World Boxing Council Intercontinental Americas crown in Anaheim Sunday morning in Manila.

Donaire used his three-inch height and reach advantage to the hilt and dominated the match from the opening bell, flooring Sidorenko near the end of the first round with a left uppercut and right hook. The Ukrainian, a former Olympic bronze medalist, showed some resiliency in the second round, tagging Donaire with a solid right, but such highlights were too few and far between for the overmatched former WBA bantamweight champion.

In the third round, Donaire began moving around more and repeatedly tagged Sidorenko with combinations. A left hook at the 2:02 mark sent Sidorenko to the canvas a second time, and by the end of the round, his face was a bloodied mess. Donaire continued his onslaught in the fourth, and when a left hook, right straight combination found its mark, Sidorenko staggered back and took a knee. The referee counted until five before waiving off the fight at the 1:48 mark.

The rousing win raised Donaire’s record to 24-1 with 17 knockouts, while Sidorenko was knocked out for the first time in his career and saw his record dip to 22-3-2. Donaire is now in line to challenge Fernando Montiel, the reigning WBC and WBO bantamweight titlist, on February 19, assuming Montiel beats Eduardo Garcia next week.

It was the Filipino Flash’s first bout at 118 pounds, and he looked comfortable at the new weight level. Afterwards he said he wanted to win badly to secure the February 19 showdown. “I’m really, really motivated for this fight because I wanted to win and go for Montiel,” he declared during the post-fight interview.

Donaire trained for the bout under the guidance of Robert Garcia, the trainer insisted on letting Antonio Margarito finish his bout against Manny Pacquiao last month despite absorbing a heavy beating. In this fight, though, Garcia had his ward in full command.

“Actually I wanted to throw all kinds of stuff but Robert told me, ‘Relax, you got him. Stay back to what you know best, do not be wild,’’’ Donaire said. “I wanted to throw a lot of punches. As you can see, there were some combinations that I threw in there, but I felt I could take him out with just one punch at any time and that’s what I tried to do.”

Donaire acknowledged Garcia’s mentorship helped him immensely. “It’s the confidence he gives me. He believes in me. The first time I met with Robert, and I’ve known him for a long time, the one thing is that he pushed me to believe in myself, that I can do anything I want as long as I work hard.”

Donaire was also trained by Jonathan Penalosa, brother of former champion Gerry. There were times during the bout, though, when it appeared he could have been trained by a drunken goat and still he would have won. It was only Sidorenko’s guts and determination that allowed him to last until the fourth round.

“Big respect for Sidorenko,” Donaire said. “I mean, very, very tough guy. I could see, the first round, he was already out. As a fighter, I can see the eyes, and I have to see people’s eyes only when I know that I hurt them. I know that I hurt him and he just keeps coming. Just a lot of respect I have for Sidorenko.”

Donaire is one of the best fighters in the lower divisions, but he has been unable to land a big-time fight since his stunning knockout of Vic Darchinyan in 2007 for the IBF flyweight title. All that will change when he faces Montiel, the Mexican bantamweight king who boasts a 43-2-2 record with 33 knockouts. It will be Donaire’s toughest bout in years, but he is looking forward to the challenge.

“I’m excited,” he declared. “February 19, with one of the best, Fernando Montiel. I’m coming for you, you know that. It’s gonna be for the people. People want to see, I want to see it. You know he’s a good fighter, he’s a tough guy. But I wanted to make a statement in this fight and I did.”

Donaire has also consistently made the lists of top pound for pound fighters, but for the fighter generally regarded as the best Filipino boxer after Manny Pacquiao, the rankings don’t mean anything. At least not yet.

“You know, I still gotta beat Montiel. Then I will say I’m worthy of that. But that is such a pleasure, that is such an honor for me.”

Reposted From Sid Ventura of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Repost From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)

ABS-CBN reveals lineup of shows for 1st quarter of 2011; former Kapuso star Jewel Mische is the new leading lady of Gerald Anderson

ABS-CBN reveals lineup of shows for 1st quarter of 2011; former Kapuso star Jewel Mische is the new leading lady of Gerald Anderson
Slideshow: Showbiz Photos

Kumpirmadong Kapamilya na ang StarStruck 4 Ultimate Sweetheart na si Jewel Mische.

Matagal-tagal na ring usap-usapan ang tungkol sa paglipat ni Jewel mula sa GMA-7 papunta sa ABS-CBN, bagamat wala pang opisyal na pahayag mula sa young actress at maging sa Star Magic, kung saan nabalitang pumirma siya ng kontrata.

Kagabi, December 3, sa Christmas party ng ABS-CBN para sa entertainment press na ginanap sa Dolphy Theater, pormal nang inanunsiyo ang magiging unang proyekto ni Jewel bilang isang Kapamilya—ang action series na Bagwis.

Si Jewel ang magiging leading lady ng isa sa top male stars ngayon ng ABS-CBN—si Gerald Anderson.

Isa ang Bagwis sa mga malalaking shows ng ABS-CBN sa first quarter ng 2011, bagamat ilan sa mga ito ay magsisimula na bago matapos ang 2010.

FRANCHISE SHOWS. Kasama rin sa mga programang naka-lineup sa ABS-CBN next year ang apat na franchise reality-game shows.

Una na rito ang fourth season ng Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), ang reality show mula sa Endemol. Sa PBB nagmula ang ilan sa pinakamalalaking bituin ngayon ng ABS-CBN gaya nina Sam Milby, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, at Zanjoe Marudo.

Matagal nang nababalita ang Pinoy Big Loser, ang reality show para sa mga "heavyweights" kunsaan tutulungan ng programa ang mga contestant na magbawas ng timbang at magkaroon ng kumpiyansa sa kanilang sarili. Sa wakas ay matutuloy na itong ipalabas sa susunod na taon.

Ang Pinoy Big Loser ay ihu-host ng Megastar na si Sharon Cuneta.

Aabangan din ng marami ang competitive cooking game show na Junior Master Chef, kunsaan magiging tampok ang mga batang nangangarap na maging chef.

Ang Junior Master Chef ay ihu-host ng Teleserye Queen na si Judy Ann Santos. Ito ang unang regular show niya pagkatapos niyang magsilang sa anak nila ni Ryan Agoncillo na si Lucho.

Magkakaroon na rin ng Philippine version ang longest-running game show sa U.S., ang The Price Is Right, mula sa FremantleMedia. Nagsimula noong 1956, 54 years nang umeere sa U.S. ang show na ito. Ang mga naging host nito ay sina Bill Cullen, Bob Barker, at ang current host nito na si Drew Carrey.

Dito sa Pilipinas, ang maghahatid ng papremyo at saya sa ating mga kababayan ay si Kris Aquino.

OTHER SHOWS. Ibabalik naman ng ABS-CBN ang Star Circle Quest for the Next Kiddie Superstar, ang reality-based artista search na tampok ang aspiring child superstars.

Ang maghu-host nito ay si KC Concepcion.

Sina Luis Manzano at Alodia Gosiengfiao naman ang hosts ng gag show na Laugh Out Loud.

Ngayong December ay si Kim Chiu ang featured star sa Sunday drama anthology na Your Song.

Ilu-launch naman into stardom si Jessy Mendiola sa pamamagitan ng early primetime series na Sabel, kung saan makakapareha niya ang mga baguhan ding sina AJ Perez at Joseph Marco.

Ang Sabel ay magsisimulang mapanood sa Lunes, December 6.

Isa naman sa aabangang primetime drama series next year ay ang Pinoy verison ng hit Koreanovela na Green Rose. Tampok dito sina Jericho Rosales, Jake Cuenca, at Anne Curtis.

Ilan lamang ito sa exciting shows ng ABS-CBN next year na tiyak na aabangan ng avid Kapamilya viewers.

Reposted From PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)


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