Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Review # 15 - A Grateful Heart

Smiling Shawie

Shawie at Lake Tahoe

With College Chums Back in The Philippines

Shawie With Doting Hubby and Pet Dog

Christmas Tree Made Even More Alive in the Glitter of Shawie

Name of Blog - A Grateful Heart (A collection of thoughts, wits, challenges, changes and experiences. Life has been an act, a music which cannot be put into words, that which cannot remain silent and give thanks with a grateful heart)

Writer - Shawie - Orange County, California, USA

Other Blog By The Writer - BlogNow101

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile) - I grow up in an island where everybody knows everybody. I'm glad there's a place for me to write on anything to free my mind from all the clutters. At least, it's not stuck and accumulated somewhere inside. I believe we all have to live, learn and share :) That's the very best inspiration for me to write. We all have unique experiences, different situations and options; yet, everything remains the same. The principle is always the same no matter how far we've gone through. At some point- we are all beginners. Sometimes we thought we already learned enough but just so desperate to realize there's still much to learn and that life is too short to get left out in the wayside. We are but each other's gifts and it is our responsibility to share ourselves:)

Technical Features - Template and overall layout are above average. If ever there is one blog that has perfectly combined commercial and personal blogging in a single blog- this is the one. The blog has colorful and attractive widgets and photos that can always grab the attention of the fickle minded and ever-in-a-hurry blog hopper. There's a homey feeling that the blog evokes, complete with pictures of her immediate family members. You can always sense the feelings of sincerity and gratitude in the overall composition of the blog.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9.5

Contents - Contents are something very personal and the words come straight from her heart. You can feel the honesty, sincerity and the general feeling of joy and gratitude in her posts. She radiates happiness, peace, contentment, and yes indeed, gratitude. Her photos show them all- the smiles are all genuine and never contrived. She shares a wonderful life with her doting husband who spoils her so much with everything that money and his love for her can bring. And she dotes on her husband too, feeling ever so grateful to the Lord for all the blessings she continue to receive in the land flowing with milk and honey. Oh, and she has a heart of gold as evidenced by her little act of generosity come Christmas time. She sends a whole box full (balikbayan box) of assorted goodies for distribution to her less fortunate province mates, especially the tribal natives. She writes with passion for literary and emotional outbursts that few can equal. She's a compleat blogger able to share her thoughts with the world and earn a little in the process. That's SHAWIE- the megastar of blogosphere.

Ratings For Contents - Another perfect 10

Tags: Blog Review, Blog, Review, A Grateful Heart, Shawie, California, USA, Philippines, BlogNow101, Gratitude, Doting Husband, Contentment, Happiness, Joy, Sharing, Generosity, Megastar

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog Review # 14- Walkingnewspaper

Name of Blog - Walkingnewspaper
Writer - Gagay

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile)
> I am independent
> I stand to what I feel is right
> I can stand out in a crowd, and absolutely knows how to
have fun
> Very passionate (sure for that)
> Approachable
> Friendly. Never choose whom to be with.
> I could even be your best friend, your shoulder, your crying
hanky and even your pocket
> Easily trust someone. Oops...Never play games with me.
I am definitely very dangerous. Just beware! Once you hit
hit me, prepare!

Technical Features - Template and overall layout are superb and above average. There is a spirit of joy and enthusiasm in her blog. She combines commercial and random subjects blogging. Pictures, widgets and avatars are well placed and eye catching. A very attractive blog that will surely catch the fancy of blog hoppers.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9

Contents- Ah, contents are a hodge podge of random thoughts and a variety of the spices of life. She covers all like, yes, a walking newspaper. She has the audacity and spunk of youth which makes her blog really attractive to read. She seems so full of energy and ideas as if they are ready to explode and shower us with her innate genius. To make my point clear about her audacity and spunk, let me re-post for you the cream of the crop as far as her posts are concerned.

Who's Who?: Miss GAGAY or the Miss Earth 2008?

36 walkingIDEAS been reading those write-ups in the internet about the Miss Earth 2008, Karla Paula Henry who used to be a Cebuana, i was laughing so loud that one of my friends told me that my photo, actually the avatar in my yahoo messenger, looks more gorgeous and beautiful than Miss Earth, mas arangan pa ka kay Karla gay, ang Miss Earth, mas gwapa paka niya (in the local dialect). i was really laughing so loud. hahaha..i almost to fall from where i am sitting. haha.

mmmm..and because of little curiosity, i really tried to make our photos be posted here, the one which my friends have seen also.

and now? who's the who? hahaha..i just felt am a beauty titlist also. hahaha..


Need I say more?

Ratings For Content - Why of course, a perfect 10

Tags: Blog Review # 14, Walking Newspaper, Gagay, Ms earth, Beautiful, Audacity, Spunk, Genius, Versatile, Loveable, Engaging, Enthusiasm, Life, Best Friend, Shoulder, Crying Hanky, Pocket, Very Dangerous, Cute

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Review # 12 - From The Eyes Of My Heart


Wendy With Husband- Butch

Wendy With Childhood Friends
And Soon To Be Ninangs (Godparents)

Name of Blog - From The Eyes Of My Heart
Writer - Wendy Lopez-Redaon - Philippines
Url -

Her Other Blogs -

1. Nurturing Nigel
2. Wendy's Shards of Thoughts

Personal Profile - Wendy is a housewife and soon to be mother. Her personal profile is quoted verbatim from her own personal profile: "I blog about my life as a mom, wife and other things that interest me. I also write about my walk as a Christian. For me, life is an adventure of knowing and loving God."

Technical Features of Blog - Her template and the physical layout of her blog are physically appealing and eyecatching. It's a combination of a Christian and commercial blog carrying Google Ads and a sprinkling of Pay Per Post articles.

Ratings For Technical Features - 8

Contents - Contents of the blog are mostly personal accounts of her Christian walk in life and about family happenings centered now on her pregnancy and soon to be born son already named Nigel. Her anecdotes are honest, simple and straightforward, revealing her deep faith and trust in God. She can be very generous with love and support for her blogging and personal friends often surprising them with unexpected birthday post and videos. Throughout all her writings in her blog, she never fails to mention her deep family attachments especially to her husband- Butch. It's a joy and delight to share in her very personal posts of her everyday Christian life.

Ratings For Contents - 9

Tags: Blog Review # 12, Wendy Lopez-Redaon, From The Eyes of My Heart, Nurturing Nigel, Wendy's Shards of Thoughts, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Christian Life, Family Values, Love, Hope, Joy, Happiness, Abiding Faith in God

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blog Review # 11- Bluedreamer's Top 5

Name of Blog - Bluedreamer's Top 5
Writer - Bluedreamer27 - Philippines

Personal Profile - Bluedreamer is a student from Cavite City, Philippines. He says, "he he, well I am fond of listening to 80's music, fond of posting and posting in my blog. His interests are in drawing, writing and blogging. His favorite movies are Titanic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. His favorite music- all from 80's. His favorite books- Harry Potter, Charlotte Web.

Other Blogs He maintains:

Breaking The Boundaries
2. Top Five
3. Entablado
4. Just An Avid Fan
5. Pinoy Alphabet
6. World of Creeps
7. A Scene To Remember
8. Pinoy Conexion
9. Twinkletoe Writing Space

Tecnical Features - Template and technical layout are superb. It is a typical technical and commercial blog with lots of eye catching widgets and photos of contestants to his different contests.

Ratings For Technical Features - 10

Contents - Contents are limited and very short. This is where the blog is limited with its journalistic contents. All are intended to attract more traffic and increase its page rank for commercial purposes. Well, it seems to be succeeding because of the number of contestants who are actually joining his contests. His blog is more of the magazine type catering to glitz and glamor and the desire of people to be put in the limelight.

Ratings For Contents - 8

Tags: Blog Review. Bluedreamer, Glitz, Glamor, Contest, Limelight, Music of the 80's, Technical and Commercial

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog Review # 10 - Poema Y Me

Name of Blog - Poema Y Me
Writer - Caca - Philippines

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her personal profile) - to blog friends: can't visit (yet) as much as I want to, a little busy these days. :) *** I get sick too (too often, hehehe) *** Just someone who isn't sure about the future [where future- 100 years from now (har har har)] *** Come, watch me reap a barren field but more so, come, watch my turf expand.*** I want traveling to be my new destination (pano kaya yon, eh purdoy ako). *** If at first I do not care, don't walk away, STAY. If my lips motion to endless walks of shattered dreams, don't walk away, LISTEN. *** Just trying my luck to disentangle from finding and losing, to finding again and to losing again, and, umm, err, to never again. (hahaha) *** Nawala. Nanumbalik. Nangangambang mawala muli. Undeniably, in this lifetime, I shall always seek what I shall always find: Myself. *** I pick the wrong pieces, miss the right ones, I go back. Sometimes, I am blinded, deceived; the ones I thought would complete my life's puzzle, do not fit. I get tired too, however my strength has not left me. With all that happened, I believe I am made whole little by little. I will be complete.

Technical Features - Template is above average and layout is neat and pretty befitting that of a budding poetess. Her blog dons paid ads but she does not do paid post, must be in keeping with the motif of her blog.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9

Contents - Poema Y Me is a blog for poems through and through. Her poems are short, succinct and straight to the point but reveal her inner struggles. It is as if her heart and soul want to burst out in myriads of expressions. There is pain, longings, hurt, fears, love, expectations and doubts that intermingle in her literary masterpieces. There is a budding genius inside of her waiting to be revealed in time. She knows how to live her life to the fullest, never fearing the occasional stumbles along the way so long as she can get her valuable lessons in life. She yearns for the meaning of life and expresses her desire to be complete. Her poems and her constant meanderings in life speak eloquently of a budding philiosophy of her very existence. I am honored to be a friend and blogmate of her.

Ratings For Content - 10

Tags: Blog Review # 10, Poema Y Me, Caca, Purdoy, Poetess, Poetry, Poems of The Heart and Soul, Meanderings, Searching For The Meaning of Life, Complete

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog Review # 9 - My Life's Journey

Name of Blog - My Life's Journey
Writer - Pia Go Olano

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her personal profile) - A Christian wife who loves to blog.

Technical Features - The template and overall layout are austere and simple befitting a Christian blogger. The motif is very Christian with a prayer request and a prayer room sub sections.

Ratings For Technical Features - 8

Contents - Contents are also simple and are expressions of the writer's abiding faith in God. Interspersed with occasional commercial plug- ins are articles of faith and personal struggles so typical of the faithful Christian servant and follower of Christ. The writer happens to be a personal friend of mine whose goodness and probity are beyond reproach.

Ratings For Contents - 8

Tags: Blog Review # 9, My Life's Journey, Pia Go Olano, Christian, Faithfulness, Personal Struggles, Friend, Friendship, Christian Values

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Review # 8 - Just Let Go

Name of Blog - Just Let Go
Writer - Emmyrose
from the Philippines

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her personal profile) - I'm Emmyrose. A twenty- something engineer by profession but writing is my passion. I take pleasures in simple things in life. I used to be like everyone else and I've been living my dream but I guess God has a different plan for my life. I was 23 when I almost died and was diagnosed to have Systematic Lupus Erythematosus. My life took an unexpected twist and everything changed. But God is so good. He made my darkest hour the greatest testimony in my life. I'm keeping the faith and though I'm not perfect, I'm not pretending to be one. I still screw up from time to time and I will always be a work in progress. Life difficulties and challenges had made me strong. I used to be a hopeless romantic but after experiencing a lot of heartaches and a series of broken heart, it made me feel all cynical about love. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be in love again. Maybe one day, I'll be ready to take that risk again. As for now, I'm single and happy living each day as it comes.

Technical Features - The layout is beautiful and have a feminine touch. Pink is the color of the day as far as this blog is concerned. Although opening of the blog takes quite a long time, the waiting is worth the effort because the blog offers the best from Emmyrose. She has a very attractive widget in her sidebar and the theme of her blog says it all- "a hopeless romantic quest for true love and thoughts on the art of letting go." This blog is a combination of a commercial and a very personal and intimate blog rolled into one.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9

Contents - Contents of this blog are a hodgepodge of personal struggles through life brought about by lupus, her frustrations from failed past relationships, and her longing to finally meet the man of her dreams. Side by side with her personal anecdotes of her struggles with lupus and its debilitating symptoms, is her abiding faith in the goodness of God. The blog chronicles her almost personal dialogues with God, her longings, her dreams, even her fears. It is noteworthy to see a person, with a full time job and suffering from a debilitating disease, still able to keep up with her blogging chores. She even inspires others who are similarly undergoing their own trials and tribulations in life.

Ratings For Contents - 9

Tags: Blog Review, Just Let Go, Emmyrose, Lupus, Struggles, Failed Relationships, Heartaches, Pains, Hope, Joy, Grace, Peace, Love, God

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Review # 7 - The Home of Talking Fingers on the Web

Blog - The Home of Talking Fingers on the Web
Writer - Fingertalks
Url -

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her personal profile) - Hello! I'm FINGERTALKS, or simply FT, the author of this blog. I'm an overseas Filipino worker by day, and a blogger by night. I have been blogging since 2005. I maintain a lot of blogs. I have overwhelming ideas on various things. FINGERTALKS- born a reader, writer, leader. I am defiant at times. But I know when to follow, and when to take the lead. I read a lot- all sorts of books, journals, blogs, magazines. I currently have the fascination to read online novels. I live with my husband in a far, far away mixture of clouds, land, water, air, lots of cables and wires called CYBERSPACE. I enjoy tinkering the INTERNET till my fingers drop. I'm not much of a geek, but rather, a Certified Internet Addict (CIA). You won't find me chattering about gossips. Well, I sometimes entertain myself with showbiz gossips, politics, mythology, and more. One more thing, my brain's gender is 53% female, 47% male. My fingers talk; your eyes listen. This is my blog, the inspired expressions of my talking fingers. I blog my naked soul.

Technical Features - The blog is quite slow to open and looks like a typical information blog. Everything is neatly layouted and there's not much decorations or eyecatching widgets except for the moving bird. Template is very simple. It used to have an apple tree for a template but it was replaced by a very sober and simple one .

Ratings For Technical Features - 7

Contents - Fingertalks is a born writer if I ever saw one. She is one of the few exceptional writers in the blog world who can whip up an article with the click of her fingers. It is as if she was born with a computer by her side, and when she starts to write, you will never know when it will end and where it will lead you. Being a consumate and voracious reader who would read anything and everything that have sense and value, her command of the English language and her grammar are so impeccable and perfect. She is definitely a professional writer who will shame any run-of-the-mill professional writers of today. I have not seen her other blogs, she's very discreet about them, but I know she has a wellspring of ideas and knowledge whose source seems to be never ending. She was able to tap the Creative Mind of the universe so that she can write about almost anything under the sun. My hat's off to the master writer of bloglandia.

Ratings For Contents - Perfect 10

Tags: Blog Review # 7, The Home of Talking Fingers on the Web, Fingertalks, Consumate Writer, Never Ending Source of ideas and Information, Creative Mind

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Review # 6 - Sameera's Haven

Name of Blog - Sameera's Haven
Author - Sameera Ansari

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her personal profile) - Ms. Sameera Ansari is a physical therapist working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She describes herself as "a mystery to the unknown, an open book to the known. I swing between polarities, in a small world of my own. To know me better read me, these writings I lay here; which reflect the essence of my soul, simple and clear."

The Blog's Technical Features - Sameera's Haven is a delight to behold. The layout is outstanding and the template is near perfect. I have seen how this blog evolved in its physical transformation. The setting up of different widgets as its template is a feat only a real computer techie can achieve.

Ratings For Physical Features - 10

Contents - Sameera is one of the few bloggers I truly admire in her writings. She never fails to impress me with the magnitude of her talent and the erudition of her writing style. My hat's off to her in her story telling. Her stories are really masterpieces worthy of commercial publication. Her poems reflect a deep commitment of her soul and a heart yearning to burst out of its emotions and feelings. She is good natured and extremely loyal to friends. She has the capacity to express great love and friendship to everyone. There is a philosophical nature inside her that many times are radiated in her works. She can be a prodigious writer if she wants to and if only her professional work does not hinder her. Her grammar and sentence construction are excellent and impeccable. You will glimpse a beautiful soul yearning to love and be loved in her writings. A real professional blogger that stands out in the sea of myriads of bloggers.

Ratings For Blog Contents - 9.9

Tags: Blog Review # 6, Sameera's Haven, Sameera Ansari, Short Story Writer, Poetess, Feature Writer, Physical Therapist, Dubai, India, United Arab Emirates, Compleat and Excellent Writer

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Review # 5 - Life - 4 hours At A Time

Blog - Life - 4 Hours At A Time
Writer - Bluebirdy
Address - Canada

Other Blogs:
1. Old Fashioned Girl With Modern Spunk
2. Profound Quotes & Silly Jokes

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile) Trying to bear enormous stress, makes lupus worse, causing other diseases, as it destroys each organ. In July 2007, was given a year to live. We wonder who will go next, (in a house of 3 terminally ill people). Hope to start a new life, TO ENJOY AND LEARN AND DO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in this short SCHOOL called life. God will decide when I go, not a Dr. Remarried but no honeymoon yet, hubby is in war zone. Dad died Nov. 07. I am very close to my Lord, and love to study what others believe. He is my tangible comfort and strength through each hour. My every thought and decision is for Him. I'm only useful 4 hours each day, and not all at once. I do computer work in bed & housework or exercise for 5 minutes at a time, then rest half an hour. I'll share the hard days as well as the great days, for that is reality. I am here on earth until I finish what I was sent here to do. I WILL LAY DOWN AND BLEED A WHILE, THEN RISE AND FIGHT AGAIN! (Over and over again). I would like people to see how bad off I got, so that when I am helped, and hopefully healed... the world will see that miracles can still happen.

Technical Features - For a person who is so sick that she uses her computer in bed, her template and over all layout is not bad at all. In fact, it is a lot better than the normal run-of-the-mill blogs. The simplicity of the blog and that soft feminine touch inspire readers to take a second hard look at its contents. She entertains listeners with soft mellow music in her instant music audio while they are perusing her blog.

Ratings For Her Technical Features - 9

Contents - If I will search the whole blog world for a writer whose messages flow from her heart and soul, Bluebirdy is that writer. Although steeped in unbelievable pain and personal problems, she can still weave her magic spell on her blog posts that speak about her personal struggles with lupus, fibromyalgia and other exotic diseases that would have downed any strong man to his death. She has that so called "suicide disease" that is characterized by so much agonizing pain on the nervous system that many lesser victims have sought quick death through suicide than a lifetime of lingering pain. But through it all, Bluebirdy maintains her sweet charm and poise and grace brought about by her undying faith in God who has kept her alive inspite of the fact that her doctor told her that she would surely die in 2007. She is now living on a borrowed life, pouring out her heart and emotions through her awe inspiring articles that have never failed to produce amazement and awe from her readers. And she has a very grateful spirit, grateful for any minute improvement of her health like now that she is feeling a little better because of D-Ribose. She has not failed to trumpet this to the world so that pain sufferers like her could have access to pain relieving miracle drugs. If I would live a thousand years, I would probably not meet another soul whose glorious legacy shines brightly amidst the darkened skies of this materialistic world. Each article of Bluebirdy is fraught with her heart, soul, emotions, love and awe inspiring faith in God. Not even in her darkest and most painful moment would she ever consider blaming God for her excruciating ordeals. Indeed, she's a modern lady Job worthy to be emulated by all men who are undergoing trials and sufferings in their lives.

Ratings For Content - Perfect 10

Tags: Bluebirdy, Blog Review, Life- 4 Hours At A Time, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Pain, Suffering, Faith In God, Living A Wonderful Life, Inspiration, Shining Star in The Firmament of Heaven

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog Review # 4 - Walk Through Money Online Journal

Blog's Name   -      Walk Through Money Online Journal
Writer  -                   Ester "Tey"
Blog URL-     
Other Blogs by The Writer

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her short  personal profile) - Hi, I'm "Ester" from Toronto, Canada. Safety and quality assurance associate in an American company.  Working at night, blogger during the day.  A busy working mom who always try to find time to blog.  Learning more on how to make money online.

The Blog's Technical Features -   This blog is a practical one, a rare hybrid of a practical blog and a commercial one.  Only Tey can do that.  Template is ordinary.  Layout focuses more on practicality rather than aesthetics.  She's definitely a practical commercial blogger.

Ratings for Technical Features -  8

Contents -  Contents are just about perfect for a practical commercial post.  It's neither too short nor too long.  She zeroes in on the subject matter and tackles only the pertinent information needed.  No going around the bush  or flowery words.  In other words, no frills.  So far, of all the blogs I surveyed, she epitomized the ideal commercial blogger, and I would not be surprised if one of these days she will realize her long cherished dream of working full time on her online blogs at home.  She's on her way to that with her prodigious output of ten (10) quality blogs although the tenth one is absolutely neither here nor there.  I think it is linked to another site with a strong Christian message.  Her blogs are well defined and clearly delineated.  She never post an article or paid post that is out of context with the theme of her blogs.  I am learning so much from this lady dean of practical commercial blogging.

Ratings of Contents - 9

Tags: Blog Review # 4, Blog Review, Blog Rating, Ester, Tey, Walk Through Money Online Journal, Practical Commercial Blog

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Review # 3 - Happy Family Matters

           Blog's Name  -  Happy Family Matters
           Author -              Angel Cuala
           Pen Names -     Guardian Angel, Pandong
           Blog's URL -
           Other Blogs
             by the author- Humane Blogging Tips     
                                         Father Blogger dot com

Personal Profile - (Excerpts form his own personal profile quoted verbatim) -  I am a Filipino engineer who recently discovered himself more comfortable  in writing  letters instead of numbers, and more at ease interacting with humans rather than machines. I am happily married for 12 years and a doting father of two wonderful children.  I feel it is my advocacy to inspire spouses, parents and children. This is because I believe that all problems in the world start within the family  and how kids are being treated even before they were brought into this world. Finally, this is also to let the world know that a product of a broken family like me can still be happy, that being among the poorest of the poor is not a hinder to fulfill a dream.    

The Blog Technical Features -  The blog is a combination of a commercial and family blog rolled into one. The template and layout are simple and not that eye  catching  yet their simplicity probably make them more attractive since the posts in this blog are mostly serious and family oriented.  Opening of site is moderate- not too slow, not too fast.

Ratings For Technical Features - 8

Contents - This is a serious blog written by a person who has a personal mission in his writing and that is, to spread the message that one can succeed even from a humble beginning and being a product of a broken family. The life of Angel is one of personal struggles through grinding poverty and the effects of a broken family in  his young formative life. He worked at a tender age when others of his age would still be playing and pampered by their parents. More than his personal schooling (he is a licensed engineer), Angel learned so much from the school of hard knocks. These backgrounds reflect so much in his articles that focus more on the bonding and strengthening of family ties. It is as if he wants to shield his kids and other kids too from the struggles and trials he carried on in his younger years. His articles are fraught with so much practical information about children development and interpersonal relationships within the family. His articles are probably a mirror of how he and his wife are bringing up their family.

Ratings For Content -  9

Inspired Quote of The Day - "Finally, this is also to let the world know that a product of a broken family like me can still be happy, that being among the poorest of the poor is not a hinder to fulfill a dream."   (Quoted From The Personal Profile of Guardian Angel)

Tags: Blog Review, Blog Ratings, Happy Family Matters, Angel Cuala, Guardian Angel, Pandong, Humane Blogging Tips, Father Blogger dot com, Engineer, Poorest of The Poor, Broken Family, Bonding, Interpersonal Relationship

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Review # 2 - I Love/Hate America

Name of Blog - I Love/Hate America
Writer - Bingkee
Name - Viene Coyne

Foreword of Blog - An immigrant's Love-Hate Realtionship with all things American. Not necessarily things I hate but things I find appalling, disgusting, scary, uncomfortable and unlikeable. The right words to describe the way I relate myself with American are just either I love it or I dislike it. Although "Hate" is not the most apt term to use but it's the opposite of "Love." Don't be intimidated by the intensity of the word. This is more of commentaries on the American way of life as seen through the eye of a foreigner. (Quoted verbatim from the blog's header)

Personal Profile - I'm a Filipino married to an American living here in the Northeast of USA. I love writing but it's only now that I have started blogging. Thus, I'm a newbie. I'm sweet yet frank and straightforward. I love God and I'm thankful for all His blessings even for the life I live here in America which I sometimes love and sometimes hate. A former advertising and public relations copywriter and owner of a modeling agency, now a stay-at-home wife. Loves reading classical literature, the Bible, and bestsellers (except chick-lit). Dabble in painting, scrapbooking and designing. Typically a clotheshorse, I love fashion- apparently, a frustrated fashion designer. To keep me fit, I dance hiphop, jazz and some Pilates. (Quoted verbatim from personal profile at Blog Catalog)

The Blog's Technical Features - The blog is just a new creation started only in July 2008 and I have seen just minor alteration of its overall design and layout. Template and layout are simple and ordinary, not that eyecatching to a first timer and would be reader. Opening of the blog takes quite a time because of the numerous widgets at the sidebar. Commercial bloggers and perennial bloghoppers whose times are gold might avoid it because of the longer opening time of the blog. It looks like a very typical blog on the website.

Ratings For The Technical Features - 7

Contents - This is where the blog's strength lies and this is what's attracting an ever growing number of loyal followers. Posts are very meaty and straightforward although quite lengthy especially for commerial bloggers whose bloghopping times are so precious. The author is blessed with a good command of writing skills and grammatical expertise. Each post is well presented and very well articulated. The author does not mince words in expressing her personal views to her readers. She shows signs of tenderness, loving feelings and deep emotions in her posts. Her narratives are eye riveting for her picturesque way of relating events in her life. There is a crusading spirit inside her that wants to correct the wrongs she sees all around her. It is always a reading pleasure to read and absorb all her posts.

Ratings For Content - 10

As she is still relatively new in the art of blogging, readers are assured that physical features of the blog will surely improve as they undergo the process of improving and restyling.

Tags: Blog Review and Rating, Bingkee, I Love/Hate America, Viene Coyne, Advertising and PR Copywriter, Frustrated Fashion Model, Owner of Modeling Agency, Stay-at-Home-Wife

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Blog Review and Ratings

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blog # 1 - Euroyank (New World Order Reports)

Blog # 1 - Euroyank New World Order Reports
Writer - Euroyank
Personal Profile- Euroyank is a journalist based in Luxembourg. This is his personal profile from his own words. "After 43 years in the USA, I left Chicago for Luxembourg
in 2000. Am German born, immigrated to the States when I was six. Served in the Military (Vietnam- combat-medic, paratrooper), carpenter many years, built houses for the rich. Managed several restaurants. Successful insurance broker. Became disillusioned with the USA. Happily resettled in Europe. Think many people and my fellow Americans are ignorant, arrogant, brainwashed. I write blogs that expose disinformation, propaganda, censorship. Primary motivation to enlighten my compatriots and the brainwashed masses of the world." (Quoted from his personal profile, verbatim). He maintains 15 fascinating and extraordinary blogs.

Blog's Technical Features- The first thing that you will notice with his blog is the massive and overwhelming display of educational widgets, videos and other information paraphernalia. The information contained in his blog is truly amazing and overwhelming. The layout is great, template is superb and you get the feeling of being in a veritable library.

Rating for the physical features- 10

Contents- No doubt,
Euroyank is the most outstanding, brilliant, innovative and powerful blogger that ever set foot in the world of blogging. The depth of the information, facts and prodigious research done to showcase to the world facts and events that have been concealed by authorities- government or otherwise, are truly outstanding. there is an overdose of heroism in the heart of Euroyank to expose all of these facts to the public. Those who have ample and liberal time to view and research his masterful works will be rewarded by a once in a lifetime experience of pure informational and educational pleasure trip unmatched in the entire blogging world. My hat's off to the master blogger of the blogging world.

Ratings for Content- 10

Thank you Euroyank for all the unselfish and gargantuan works that you have painstakingly done for all mankind. You deserve the loudest applause from all peoples of the world.

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Mel Avila Alarilla

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maiden Issue

Welcome to the maiden issue of my latest blog- How's Your Blog? (Free Review and Evaluation of Your Blog As I See It). I will feature here the blog/s of my favorite readers in the different aspects of their blogging activities, as I see it. Criteria will be on the technical aspect of the blog like layout, template, design, overall appeal to readers and other aspects of its external appearance. In other words, the first impression on the blog. I will also include here the personal circumstances of the blogger as stated in his/her personal profile. Then I will rate the posts. The frequency of posting will be evaluated. The contents of the post will also be evaluated according to its appeal and impact as I see it. Then the technical aspects of the post/s will also be evaluated based on clarity of theme of the post, correctness in grammar and sentence structure and overall impact of the message. Other aspects of the article will also be discussed. Then the blog will be rated on the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating, and 1 the lowest. This is not a critical review and I do not want to appear presumptuous.

The very first review that I will make on my next issue will be: Sameera's Haven by Ms. Sameera Ansari. Thank you very much for viewing this maiden issue of this blog. SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

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