Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog Review # 3 - Happy Family Matters

           Blog's Name  -  Happy Family Matters
           Author -              Angel Cuala
           Pen Names -     Guardian Angel, Pandong
           Blog's URL -
           Other Blogs
             by the author- Humane Blogging Tips     
                                         Father Blogger dot com

Personal Profile - (Excerpts form his own personal profile quoted verbatim) -  I am a Filipino engineer who recently discovered himself more comfortable  in writing  letters instead of numbers, and more at ease interacting with humans rather than machines. I am happily married for 12 years and a doting father of two wonderful children.  I feel it is my advocacy to inspire spouses, parents and children. This is because I believe that all problems in the world start within the family  and how kids are being treated even before they were brought into this world. Finally, this is also to let the world know that a product of a broken family like me can still be happy, that being among the poorest of the poor is not a hinder to fulfill a dream.    

The Blog Technical Features -  The blog is a combination of a commercial and family blog rolled into one. The template and layout are simple and not that eye  catching  yet their simplicity probably make them more attractive since the posts in this blog are mostly serious and family oriented.  Opening of site is moderate- not too slow, not too fast.

Ratings For Technical Features - 8

Contents - This is a serious blog written by a person who has a personal mission in his writing and that is, to spread the message that one can succeed even from a humble beginning and being a product of a broken family. The life of Angel is one of personal struggles through grinding poverty and the effects of a broken family in  his young formative life. He worked at a tender age when others of his age would still be playing and pampered by their parents. More than his personal schooling (he is a licensed engineer), Angel learned so much from the school of hard knocks. These backgrounds reflect so much in his articles that focus more on the bonding and strengthening of family ties. It is as if he wants to shield his kids and other kids too from the struggles and trials he carried on in his younger years. His articles are fraught with so much practical information about children development and interpersonal relationships within the family. His articles are probably a mirror of how he and his wife are bringing up their family.

Ratings For Content -  9

Inspired Quote of The Day - "Finally, this is also to let the world know that a product of a broken family like me can still be happy, that being among the poorest of the poor is not a hinder to fulfill a dream."   (Quoted From The Personal Profile of Guardian Angel)

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Guardian Angel said...

Thanks making a good review for my blog. I really appreciate this.

I like your idea of reviewing other blogs. It is a great help for bloggers to be noticed, and for readers who like to discover other blogs.

Keep it up!
GOD Bless!

Angel Cuala
aka Guardian Angel

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Angel,
You're welcome my friend. I really just like to share your inspiring life (or at least a part of it) to the world to inspire people to strive more even if they are faced with great adversities. I feel that you can contribute mightily to the uplifting of men's inner values and self worth. It was a pleasure featuring your blog in this blog. Thanks for your visit and valuable comments. God bless you and your family always.

bluedreamer27 said...

oh great i never been in Mr Cuala's blog but then as what your reviews seems to be so interesting
maybe his a a great father and a responsible one
its is nice that He found v\blogging a way of expressing and sharing his experiences to others
have a great day

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Bluedreamer27,
Yes, Mr. Angel Cuala is a great person with an extraordinary background. People like him usually succeed because they were honored graduates of the school of hard knocks (although he finished college and is a professional engineer). I reviewed his blog as some sort of inspiration for others to emulate. There are so many bloggers whom we can really feature in this blog and be very proud of. Thanks for your visit and your valuable comments. I do appreciate your constant visit and comments in this blog. God bless you and your loved ones always.


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