Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Review # 30 - My Life's Perception And Inspiration

Akesha - The Apple of the Eyes of The Dias Family

I'm On My Way To Mardi Gras

Ah, The Beauty of Nature Is Enhanced by
the Family Photo of the Dias Family

Dhemz is in Cloud Nine in the Company
of Darling Husband and Loving Daughter

Meet Akesha- the world's youngest driver

Move Over Brad and Angelina
Here comes the newest Heart Throb

Akesha with her cute rubber duckie

The Dias Family in casual wear

What a wonderful Christmas portrait so full of love
and dreams

Another Christmas portrait (look at the sexy pose of Dhemz, lol)

Christmas is truly wonderful if you are holding in your arms
your beloved as your baby looks uneasy and bored, lol

This Christmas portrait is more complete
with a cute dog on the side and baby is smiling and

This the wedding photo of Dhemz and her husband,
the start of the wonderful married life of our
pretty and sexy heroine

Blog - My Life's Perception And Inspiration
Writer - Dhemz Dias

Personal Profile-

A 26 year old fickle minded wife, stern yet doting mom to a3 year old daughter, a trying hard cook, a certified blog addict, and a part time student.

Technical Features -

The blog of Dhemz is a delight to behold in a very cool green that depicts the relaxing color of nature. The template includes family pictures that depict closeness in their relationship. She is generous with exchange badges from blogging friends and her blog is full of colorful widgets. Layout is extraordinarily attractive and very feminine. There is an air of friendliness and welcome in her blog for everybody to savor her inborn friendly and engaging nature.

Ratings For Technical Features - 10


Contents depict the family life of the Dias family centered on their only daughter- Akesha, who is the apple of the eyes of husband and wife. The posts are very interesting and engaging, interspersed with lovely photos depicting their everyday life. Dhemz is now taking a college course in the US to enhance the realization of her dreams and ambitions in life. She is very friendly, loyal and faithful to her friends, traits that endear her to her growing list of friends. Her family photos and anecdotes depict the ideal family life as prescribed by the Lord. It is always an honor and pleasure to have a great friend in Dhemz. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again my friend. This is a belated birthday gift to you.

Ratings For Content - 10

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