Friday, December 19, 2008

Blog Review # 14- Walkingnewspaper

Name of Blog - Walkingnewspaper
Writer - Gagay

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile)
> I am independent
> I stand to what I feel is right
> I can stand out in a crowd, and absolutely knows how to
have fun
> Very passionate (sure for that)
> Approachable
> Friendly. Never choose whom to be with.
> I could even be your best friend, your shoulder, your crying
hanky and even your pocket
> Easily trust someone. Oops...Never play games with me.
I am definitely very dangerous. Just beware! Once you hit
hit me, prepare!

Technical Features - Template and overall layout are superb and above average. There is a spirit of joy and enthusiasm in her blog. She combines commercial and random subjects blogging. Pictures, widgets and avatars are well placed and eye catching. A very attractive blog that will surely catch the fancy of blog hoppers.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9

Contents- Ah, contents are a hodge podge of random thoughts and a variety of the spices of life. She covers all like, yes, a walking newspaper. She has the audacity and spunk of youth which makes her blog really attractive to read. She seems so full of energy and ideas as if they are ready to explode and shower us with her innate genius. To make my point clear about her audacity and spunk, let me re-post for you the cream of the crop as far as her posts are concerned.

Who's Who?: Miss GAGAY or the Miss Earth 2008?

36 walkingIDEAS been reading those write-ups in the internet about the Miss Earth 2008, Karla Paula Henry who used to be a Cebuana, i was laughing so loud that one of my friends told me that my photo, actually the avatar in my yahoo messenger, looks more gorgeous and beautiful than Miss Earth, mas arangan pa ka kay Karla gay, ang Miss Earth, mas gwapa paka niya (in the local dialect). i was really laughing so loud. hahaha..i almost to fall from where i am sitting. haha.

mmmm..and because of little curiosity, i really tried to make our photos be posted here, the one which my friends have seen also.

and now? who's the who? hahaha..i just felt am a beauty titlist also. hahaha..


Need I say more?

Ratings For Content - Why of course, a perfect 10

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla


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