Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Review # 12 - From The Eyes Of My Heart


Wendy With Husband- Butch

Wendy With Childhood Friends
And Soon To Be Ninangs (Godparents)

Name of Blog - From The Eyes Of My Heart
Writer - Wendy Lopez-Redaon - Philippines
Url -

Her Other Blogs -

1. Nurturing Nigel
2. Wendy's Shards of Thoughts

Personal Profile - Wendy is a housewife and soon to be mother. Her personal profile is quoted verbatim from her own personal profile: "I blog about my life as a mom, wife and other things that interest me. I also write about my walk as a Christian. For me, life is an adventure of knowing and loving God."

Technical Features of Blog - Her template and the physical layout of her blog are physically appealing and eyecatching. It's a combination of a Christian and commercial blog carrying Google Ads and a sprinkling of Pay Per Post articles.

Ratings For Technical Features - 8

Contents - Contents of the blog are mostly personal accounts of her Christian walk in life and about family happenings centered now on her pregnancy and soon to be born son already named Nigel. Her anecdotes are honest, simple and straightforward, revealing her deep faith and trust in God. She can be very generous with love and support for her blogging and personal friends often surprising them with unexpected birthday post and videos. Throughout all her writings in her blog, she never fails to mention her deep family attachments especially to her husband- Butch. It's a joy and delight to share in her very personal posts of her everyday Christian life.

Ratings For Contents - 9

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blog Review # 11- Bluedreamer's Top 5

Name of Blog - Bluedreamer's Top 5
Writer - Bluedreamer27 - Philippines

Personal Profile - Bluedreamer is a student from Cavite City, Philippines. He says, "he he, well I am fond of listening to 80's music, fond of posting and posting in my blog. His interests are in drawing, writing and blogging. His favorite movies are Titanic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. His favorite music- all from 80's. His favorite books- Harry Potter, Charlotte Web.

Other Blogs He maintains:

Breaking The Boundaries
2. Top Five
3. Entablado
4. Just An Avid Fan
5. Pinoy Alphabet
6. World of Creeps
7. A Scene To Remember
8. Pinoy Conexion
9. Twinkletoe Writing Space

Tecnical Features - Template and technical layout are superb. It is a typical technical and commercial blog with lots of eye catching widgets and photos of contestants to his different contests.

Ratings For Technical Features - 10

Contents - Contents are limited and very short. This is where the blog is limited with its journalistic contents. All are intended to attract more traffic and increase its page rank for commercial purposes. Well, it seems to be succeeding because of the number of contestants who are actually joining his contests. His blog is more of the magazine type catering to glitz and glamor and the desire of people to be put in the limelight.

Ratings For Contents - 8

Tags: Blog Review. Bluedreamer, Glitz, Glamor, Contest, Limelight, Music of the 80's, Technical and Commercial

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