Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Review # 27 - My Life Journey in Focus

The Sweet Manang Kim

So Beautiful And Radiant With A Bouquet of Flowers On Mother's Day

Ever Dependable With A Sweet Smile On Her Face

With Her New Passport (hooray)

Her Hardworking And Indefatigable Hubby

Picture For Posterity

With Equally Lovely Ladies

She's As Sweet As This Birthday Cake

Gifts Galore From Loved Ones And Friends

How Regal Is The Queen

The Queen With Her Royal Court

Ah, With Angelic Relatives

Nice To Celebrate Birthdays With The Young Ones

A Sumptuous Repast With Bosom Friends And Relatives

What Joy To Be With Friends And Loved Ones

American At Last, God Bless America

Name of Blog - My Life Journey In Focus
Writer - Manang Kim

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Personal Feature-

Manang Kim

About Me

I am a woman of substance.


Favorite Movies

Favorite Music

Technical Features- Technical features such as template and layout are above par. Template is visibly appealing and overall layout is very attractive. The blog is liberally spiced with attractive pictures, widgets and banners. It is a veritable visual delight.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9

Contents - Contents are very readable and appealing since they mostly describe the life, struggles, joy and escapades of Manang Kim with her husband in the US. Posts are always spiced with down to earth and day to day experiences of a Filipina expatriate in the US and how she copes with the change in values, culture and norms of life. Her indefatigable work ethics with her husband really makes her an outstanding wife in the US and every Filipino in the US can become more respectable because of people like her. She mirrors the best qualities of a Filipina making all Filipinos proud because of her. She epitomizes the great and wonderful contributions of Filipina wives in the US and other developed countries because of their excellent ethics as wives and mothers. We salute the new ambassadors of Filipino culture to the West exemplified by Manang Kim. Mabuhay ka Manang Kim.

Ratings For Contents - 9

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla


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