Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Review # 2 - I Love/Hate America

Name of Blog - I Love/Hate America
Writer - Bingkee
Name - Viene Coyne

Foreword of Blog - An immigrant's Love-Hate Realtionship with all things American. Not necessarily things I hate but things I find appalling, disgusting, scary, uncomfortable and unlikeable. The right words to describe the way I relate myself with American are just either I love it or I dislike it. Although "Hate" is not the most apt term to use but it's the opposite of "Love." Don't be intimidated by the intensity of the word. This is more of commentaries on the American way of life as seen through the eye of a foreigner. (Quoted verbatim from the blog's header)

Personal Profile - I'm a Filipino married to an American living here in the Northeast of USA. I love writing but it's only now that I have started blogging. Thus, I'm a newbie. I'm sweet yet frank and straightforward. I love God and I'm thankful for all His blessings even for the life I live here in America which I sometimes love and sometimes hate. A former advertising and public relations copywriter and owner of a modeling agency, now a stay-at-home wife. Loves reading classical literature, the Bible, and bestsellers (except chick-lit). Dabble in painting, scrapbooking and designing. Typically a clotheshorse, I love fashion- apparently, a frustrated fashion designer. To keep me fit, I dance hiphop, jazz and some Pilates. (Quoted verbatim from personal profile at Blog Catalog)

The Blog's Technical Features - The blog is just a new creation started only in July 2008 and I have seen just minor alteration of its overall design and layout. Template and layout are simple and ordinary, not that eyecatching to a first timer and would be reader. Opening of the blog takes quite a time because of the numerous widgets at the sidebar. Commercial bloggers and perennial bloghoppers whose times are gold might avoid it because of the longer opening time of the blog. It looks like a very typical blog on the website.

Ratings For The Technical Features - 7

Contents - This is where the blog's strength lies and this is what's attracting an ever growing number of loyal followers. Posts are very meaty and straightforward although quite lengthy especially for commerial bloggers whose bloghopping times are so precious. The author is blessed with a good command of writing skills and grammatical expertise. Each post is well presented and very well articulated. The author does not mince words in expressing her personal views to her readers. She shows signs of tenderness, loving feelings and deep emotions in her posts. Her narratives are eye riveting for her picturesque way of relating events in her life. There is a crusading spirit inside her that wants to correct the wrongs she sees all around her. It is always a reading pleasure to read and absorb all her posts.

Ratings For Content - 10

As she is still relatively new in the art of blogging, readers are assured that physical features of the blog will surely improve as they undergo the process of improving and restyling.

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla
Blog Review and Ratings


bluedreamer27 said...

interesting i just went over her blog
and you know what force me to go there? its her surname
my name was Milton Coyne so maybe we are connected to each other well if not her maybe her husband
well if that would happened thanks to your blog for being the way for us to know each other right gheeeh what a small world

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Bluedreamer27,
I think its the surname of her husband because she is Filipina and her husband is American. Since married women get the surname of their husband, that's the surname of her husband. Maybe you can inquire from her. Who knows, you may be related to her husband?
Thanks for your visit and your interesting anecdote. God bless you always.


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