Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Review # 15 - A Grateful Heart

Smiling Shawie

Shawie at Lake Tahoe

With College Chums Back in The Philippines

Shawie With Doting Hubby and Pet Dog

Christmas Tree Made Even More Alive in the Glitter of Shawie

Name of Blog - A Grateful Heart (A collection of thoughts, wits, challenges, changes and experiences. Life has been an act, a music which cannot be put into words, that which cannot remain silent and give thanks with a grateful heart)

Writer - Shawie - Orange County, California, USA

Other Blog By The Writer - BlogNow101

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim from her own personal profile) - I grow up in an island where everybody knows everybody. I'm glad there's a place for me to write on anything to free my mind from all the clutters. At least, it's not stuck and accumulated somewhere inside. I believe we all have to live, learn and share :) That's the very best inspiration for me to write. We all have unique experiences, different situations and options; yet, everything remains the same. The principle is always the same no matter how far we've gone through. At some point- we are all beginners. Sometimes we thought we already learned enough but just so desperate to realize there's still much to learn and that life is too short to get left out in the wayside. We are but each other's gifts and it is our responsibility to share ourselves:)

Technical Features - Template and overall layout are above average. If ever there is one blog that has perfectly combined commercial and personal blogging in a single blog- this is the one. The blog has colorful and attractive widgets and photos that can always grab the attention of the fickle minded and ever-in-a-hurry blog hopper. There's a homey feeling that the blog evokes, complete with pictures of her immediate family members. You can always sense the feelings of sincerity and gratitude in the overall composition of the blog.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9.5

Contents - Contents are something very personal and the words come straight from her heart. You can feel the honesty, sincerity and the general feeling of joy and gratitude in her posts. She radiates happiness, peace, contentment, and yes indeed, gratitude. Her photos show them all- the smiles are all genuine and never contrived. She shares a wonderful life with her doting husband who spoils her so much with everything that money and his love for her can bring. And she dotes on her husband too, feeling ever so grateful to the Lord for all the blessings she continue to receive in the land flowing with milk and honey. Oh, and she has a heart of gold as evidenced by her little act of generosity come Christmas time. She sends a whole box full (balikbayan box) of assorted goodies for distribution to her less fortunate province mates, especially the tribal natives. She writes with passion for literary and emotional outbursts that few can equal. She's a compleat blogger able to share her thoughts with the world and earn a little in the process. That's SHAWIE- the megastar of blogosphere.

Ratings For Contents - Another perfect 10

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla


Shawie said...

Wow! this is so great & a wonderful gift to start the New Year with! I'm so honored and very flattering, Mel...hehhee...seriously though, thank you very much for the great review and for the wonderful friendship & brotherhood... this has been a great place to connect with kababayans all over the world:) sharing their share of stories and experiences and in a way, we're able to see things in a different perspective:)
once again, my deepest thanks for always visiting my blog, Mel:) more power to your blog and more great contents! God Bless always!
~~~from Jim,Shawie&Jake

Shawie said...

by the way, I have read all the other reviews...there are some blogs that I've been following and some were new to me... might as well check 'em out...thanks for sharing!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Shawie,
Thanks for your appreciation. You deserve the review. I was able to know you more by studying your blog posts more thoroughly and what appeared was a beautiful picture of a near perfect relationship by two souls molded together by the bond of mutual love and friendship. Knowing you to have a soft spot for the less fortunate people of your province was an icing in the cake. Please continue what you are doing, making us proud to be Filipinos, greatly admired and honored in your adopted country. Thanks for your visit and inspiring comments. God bless you always.


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