Sunday, January 2, 2011

ARepost From Catherine Dean For Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Sandara Park shares how she spent New Year

By Catherine Deen, For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Saturday January 1, 2011 05:36 pm PST

Fresh from the successful comeback of her girl group 2NE1, Sandara Park uploaded a New Year’s greeting with a photo of herself and her brother Thunder of idol group MBLAQ.

Sandara, who is known in the K-Pop world as the queen of me2day, a Korean social networking website, greeted and thanked her fans for their support in 2010. She also asked them to continue supporting her fellow YG artists as well as her brother Thunder. Sandara’s message, which was originally posted in Korean, is translated as follows:

“What’s up?!? It’s the last day of 2010!!! ^^ Thank you for loving us so much this past year! With a bow!!! (__) Please look fondly not just on 2NE1 but YG Family and even Dara’s brother Thunder in 2011! ^_^; Photo with Thunder, who I met yesterday! Se7en-hyung took the photo for us! ^0^”

Sandara with brother Thunder

Sandara shared how she spent her New Year in her next me2day post saying:

“Yoohoo! Have a blessed new year~!!!^.^ Today, I greeted the new year with many of my fellow older and younger singers and fans. It was my first time greeting the New Year in this way! I feel so good. It was fun! This year, let’s all be healthy and happy! Sleep well! Good night! ^.^”

Sandara truly knows how to endear herself to her fans as she shares a lot of her personality and private life with them through me2day. Her brother, Thunder, is a member of MBLAQ, which is set to release an album on January 10.

Photos courtesy of Sandara Park’s me2day


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Reposted From Catherine Dean of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

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