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A Repost From Gerry Plaza Of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

James’ mom on Kris: ‘Ayoko talaga sa kanya’

By Gerry Plaza – August 9th, 2010
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Showbiz Eye by Gerry Plaza, Special to Yahoo! Southeast Asia

A hurting mom of James Yap appeared on television Sunday to express her sadness over her son’s separation from Kris Aquino and emphasized that the TV host-actress’ comments had given her and their family so much pain.

“Ang lahat ng kasalanan binubunton niya (Kris) sa anak ko. Sana naman huwag naman kasi hindi naman tayo perfect, di ba? Ang Diyos lang ang perfect,” Annie Yap tells GMA-7’s “Showbiz Central” on August 8.

“Kung may kasalanan ang anak ko, siguro natural naman sa mag-asawa ang mag-away. Pero huwag naman lahat ibunton sa anak ko. Malungkot talaga ako. Naa-awa ako sa anak ko,” Annie further said in the interview taped at James’ hometown of Escalante, Negros Occidental.

Kris announced last month that she was filing a nullity of marriage petition against James. She however did not directly or solely blame James for the separation but only pointed out that they stopped loving each other a long time ago and virtually had no communication for the last few years while living under the same roof.

“Naubos ‘yung kagustuhan ko to make it work. I was miserable and I’m sure…ikaw (James) din miserable,” Kris said in an interview over “The Buzz” last week. “Napagod na ako pretending that everything was okay.”

There were rumors however that during the last three years, both constantly fought culminating in an incident two months ago that led Kris to finally say it’s over. That incident allegedly involved an ugly shouting match in front of their son Baby James or Bimby.

James’ mom was asked if he had the tendency to become hotheaded and verbally abusive.

“Hindi. Alam ko ang ugali ng anak ko. Alam ko talaga ang ugali ng anak ko. Mabait siya at di siya sumisigaw. Kahit umuwi siya rito, hindi siya ganoon,” Annie said.

But people would consider James’ alleged extra-marital affairs as a big factor. Controversies had erupted linking the basketball star to several women that caused so much strain in the couple’s five-year marriage. But to Annie, James’ assurance that all the rumors were untrue was enough.

“Basketball player kasi sikat ka tapos ang daming babae idol sa yo. Pero sa akin, di totoo yan. Di nagbabae ang anak ko,” Annie further said. “Tinanong ko siya, si James. Sabi ko, ‘Ano bang mga balitang ganyan? Totoo ba yon? Huwag kang magsinungaling sa akin.’ Sabi niya, ‘Huwag kang maniwala. Hindi totoo yon.’”

Kris however hinted in her “The Buzz” interview last week that the main ground for her annulment was a “technicality” that would deem their marriage was void from start. Annie reacted, “Alam ko di totoo yun (void),” saying that as far as she knows all legal documents were valid and addressed without any hitches.

But what was really “void” from the start was Annie’s approval of Kris to be her daughter-in-law.

“Sa totoo lang, nagsasabi ako ng totoo kasi di ako plastic siyempre. Kasi sinabi niya sa akin ni James na sila na raw. Tapos okay daw ba ako? Sabi ko sa kanila, siyempre Kris Aquino, sabi ko, ‘No! Ayoko!,’ sabi ko sa kanya. ‘So bakit, Ma?’ sabi niya. Sabi ko, ‘Basta ayoko sa kanya,” Annie said.

“Sa totoo lang, tutol talaga ako kasi alam mo naman si Kris, di ba? Pero sa huli, gusto ng anak ko. Wala kaming magawa, di ba?,” she added.

Despite his mom’s objections, James still tied the knot with Kris because Annie knew “mahal niya si Kris.”

Annie further revealed that out of James’ love for Kris, he chose her over a girl whom he got pregnant. “Oo. Meron siyang nabuntis. Pero alam ito ni Kris. Pinili niya si Kris kasi mahal niya. Pero hindi naman nagkulang si James sa sustento sa anak niya. Sabi niya mahal niya si Kris kaya pinili niya si Kris.”

She said she was hurt when James did not invite her to their wedding on July 10, 2005.

“Nalungkot ako. Sa totoo lang, umiyak ako dahil sabi ko sa kanya nagulat ako kasi di ka nagpaalam sa amin. Pinaalam mo tapos na kayong kasal. Siyempre nagalit ako. Siyempre bilang nanay, ina niya ako tapos di niya (pinaalam) sa akin kaya nagalit ako. Hindi ako nakatulog. Umiyak ako hanggang umaga sa totoo lang.”

But what made it even more hurtful, Annie admitted, was that James married Kris. “Yun na yon,” Annie said. “Iba talaga kami. Mahirap lang kami. Sila mayaman. Tutol ako. Hindi naman ako tutol porke’t ganoon siya. Hindi, wala ako niyan. Sa buhay namin angat siya sa amin siyempre. Ayoko. Tutol ako ba.”

Asked if Kris did not treat her as family, Annie refused comment.

She further said she only knew of the separation on TV.

“Di ko inakala na may problema sila. Kasi hindi ko alam kung nag-away sila. Nung una kong nakita sa TV, sabi ko, ay nag-away na naman sila,” Annie said.

She said she contacted James, who downplayed the issue. Tumawag at nag-text ako sa anak ko. Sabi ko, James ano ba yung nakita ko sa TV? Nag-away ba kayo? Sabi naman ni James, ‘Wala yun, Ma.’”

But now that the nullity of marriage petition is currently being readied, Annie appealed to the couple not to further create a media circus out of the case.

“Sa akin lang, maghiwalay man sila, dapat mag-usap sila. Ayusin nila. Pag-usapan nila ng mabuti kung maghiwalay sila. Huwag na lang nating ipaalam sa publiko, sa buong mundo. Kung maghiwalay sila, walang ibang tao masasaktan.”

To James, Annie’s word of advice is to focus all his attention to his son. “Pagtuonan ang obligasyon sa kanyang anak. Siyempre hiwalay na sila. Tutok siya sa anak niya,” she said.

Reposted From Gerry Plaza Of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

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