Thursday, April 14, 2011

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NAIA voted worst airport in Asia and 5th worst worldwide, says travel site

( The Ninoy Aquino International Airport has been voted the worst airport in Asia and the fifth worst in the world last year, according to the online readers of travel site The Guide to Sleeping in Airports, reports

In the worldwide list, NAIA, particularly Terminal 1, followed Paris Charles de Gaulle (No. 1), Paris Beauvais (No. 2), Moscow Sheremetyevo (No. 3) and a Los Angeles airport (No. 4). In 2009, NAIA was voted the seventh worst in the world.

Part of the featured review by user trustma reads: "Terminal 1 needs to be demolished. It is filthy, too small and WAY past its prime. Lines are insanely long, and I was shocked that I had to pay airport tax for such a sh*thole. There were no toilet seats OR RUNNING WATER in the bathrooms! A big bucket with a dipper was by the front door and about four attendants hassled me for a tip."

However, the website also said, "There is hope at this airport if you go to Terminal 3 (which) is clean, spacious and (equipped with) Internet connection." quoted Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Jose Angel Honrado: "We are aware of the deficiencies. We really appreciate the comments and we're trying to correct these things. But please understand that this will take time."

Honrado also asked critics of Terminal 1 to visit the 30-year-old terminal and take note of the improvements such as efforts to renovate the restrooms, reports He added that international flights will be moved to Terminal 3 in the next few years but that they are likely to retain Terminal 1 for "spillover" flights.

Reposted From SPOT

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