Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Repost From Glenda Villena of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Eric Quizon: 'My dad is okay'

By Glenda Villena, For Yahoo! Southeast Asia Saturday January 29, 2011 11:14 pm PST

Award winning actor-director Eric Quizon has debunked misconceptions on the health of his father, Comedy King Dolphy.

During his one on one interview with Yahoo Southeast Asia at the grand press launch of TV5's Babaeng Hampaslupa recently, Eric said his dad is healthy despite his pulmonary condition.

"My dad is okay. That's always what I tell everyone 'cause there's always a misconception. Yes he's not getting any younger,” Eric said.

“Yes, he has a condition, which is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It's a progressive disease, there's no cure and sakit ito ng mga nagkakaroon na ng edad. And ang concern lang namin talaga right now he's okay, his heart is okay, all his vitals are okay, it's just that 'yun na nga meron siyang COPD kaya ang concern lang namin talaga is 'wag siyang magkakasakit para di na lalong lumala yung condition niya but otherwise he's okay,” Eric noted.

Eric added that their family is very much happy that Dolphy remains strong and in high spirits despite his condition. “We're very happy that he's still very robust. I was with him kanina nagtrabaho kami, nagtaping kami ng ‘Pidol's Wonderland’ so I think we cannot take that away from him.

He also clarified reports that Dolphy had been frequently checking in the hospital due to his “worsening condition.”

“Minsan may sinasabi na parati daw siya nasa ospital pero he needs to go to the hospital for constant check up. Meron na siyang ganun and 24-hour care, but he's okay," Eric said.

Eric on his career

He may not be seen in front of the camera nowadays, but Eric is perhaps one of the busiest directors in the industry. He along with Joyce Bernal are the directors of TV5's upcoming dramatic series, "Babaeng Hampaslupa."

Eric still misses acting though, but for him, directing gives him a different feeling of fulfillment.

"I love acting. I really miss it. And it just so happens that lately I've been given so many wonderful projects, and sometimes when you work with a lot of good staff, honestly I feel that when I'm an actor I only think of myself. Of course when I'm on the set I think of my co-actors. But when you’re a director and your staff tells you na 'direk sige na please we want to work with you can you just do this,' it feels so good to feel important and respected by your staff," Eric explained.

Eric said he hopes to get back to acting again, with roles that would challenge him.

"No particular role. As long as the role challenges me whether it's a comedy, whether it's a tiny role, I don't mind doing it."

Aside from “Babaeng Hampaslupa,” Eric also directs “Pidol’s Wonderland” on TV5.

Photo by Jerome Ascano, NPPA Images


Glenda Villena is a showbiz writer and proud mommy blogger who enjoys sharing precious moments with daughter Magi.

Reposted From Glenda Villena of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

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