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A Repost From Charley Bautista-Braga of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Musical ‘friends’ gather to honor the ‘Hit Man’

By Charley Braga – October 22nd, 2010

By Charley Bautista-Braga,
Yahoo! Southeast Asia

What do a “Glee” club member, an “Idol,” a former man from Chicago, the daughter of a King, and four tenors have in common?

They’ve all worked with and befriended a Hit Man named David Foster.

On Saturday night, Charice, Ruben Studdard, Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, and the Canadian Tenors will perform in the Manila leg of their concert, Hit Man: David Foster and Friends, a take-off from the popular Mandalay Bay concert in Las Vegas that celebrates the songs the Grammy award-winning producer’s written and performed, and the artists he’s worked with.

In front of Philippine media Foster spoke fondly of the Filipinos he’s met. “Every single day of my life in Los Angeles, every sing day – somebody Filipino, comes up to me and says, ‘Thank you for Charice.’ And the people are so warm, and so now instead of one person a day, there are a million Filipinos who [I can meet], so thank you for having us here,” Foster said.

Despite all their Grammys, American Music Awards, Image Awards, and Billboard chart-topping hits, Foster and his artist-friends are also profuse in their admiration for one another.

Peter Cetera, best known as a vocalist and bassist for the band Chicago, and later as a successful solo artist said, “David Foster has more than one trait, and he brings out the best in whoever he works with. When you see the show, it’s fun being onstage with him again. I was here [in Manila] a while back and was amazed that the audience knew my songs by heart. On Saturday, you’ll see all the love we have for each other, and for David. It’ll be a wonderful show.”

The up-and-coming vocalists Canadian Tenors spoke about working with the Hit Man. “It’s David’s sense of humor. The first time we came on, David said, ‘Hey guys, learn how to sing,’ and he made us feel very at home with him. So we’d say it’s his sense of humor [that stands out for us].”

Charice also gave her two cents, “The first time I met you [David], I was so scared. But for three years, I’ve felt that you’re really a part of my family. And I know that like every person in the world, you’re a real person. And I want to thank you for recognizing my talent.”

Foster also had some words of wisdom for his godchild and the rest of the singers. “I’d say it’s the same with everybody on this panel; I’m attracted to great talent and if you look here, I’m attracted to great singers period.” He explained, “There’s people who make music and have hit records and aren’t great singers but still have great records – I don’t know how to do that. I only know how to work with great singers, that’s what I love to do, and they find me rather than me finding them. Charice is in that category, and she’s amongst so many professionals [who she can learn from]. A couple of days ago in rehearsal, Natalie came up to me and said, “No. I have some advice for Charice,” and she walked over to her and gave her great advice about how to take care of her voice. Charice is growing up fast, she’s becoming a young woman, and she’s got a lot of help around her now; that’s something I wouldn’t be able to help her with because I wouldn’t know how to take care of her voice, but Natalie does.”

Natalie Cole, famously known for her “Unforgettable” duet with deceased father Nat King Cole, weighed in on her decades-long experience of being in the business: “You can’t get ahead of yourself, you’ve got to have focus. But I’m grateful for the struggles I’ve gone through, because it makes you grateful for what you’ve got.”

Charice is aware that she has great shoes to fill, and when asked about being compared to Celine Dion, she replied, “It’s such a big responsibility for me. Everywhere I go, everyone I see, I have to show them that I deserve to be compared to Ms. Celine Dion and it’s really hard but at the same time it’s a big compliment for me. And I want to thank all the people for saying that.”

“American Idol” Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard affectionately said, “I think she’ll have a great career to come, and just with the lives she’s touched here, she’s done so much with the people she’s impacted. I look forward to seeing what Charice has in store, and I love her, she’s like my little sister in my life.”

He added, “As for David, if he was an AI judge who would he be? I think David Foster would take the Simon Cowell role and it’s not because people call Simon mean; he’s just very honest and about the talent, if you don’t have what it takes, he’ll tell you.”

The Tenors chimed in, “This is surreal to be on this panel with these four performers and David. He’s constantly looking for new opportunities for artists, and he’s done that for us, so we’re forever grateful for giving us this opportunity. We can’t wait, it’s going to be an amazing night.”

Natalie chimed in, “I can’t believe guys this good-looking can sing as well as they do!”

With this kind of affectionate rapport, Filipinos can expect an incredible night of music, sincerity, and great hits, all to honor music world’s greatest Hit Man.

Reposted From Charley Bautista-Braga of Yahoo! Southeast Asia


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