Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Repost From Manila Bulletin

Mayweather Attack Shows Lack of Class

If there's somebody who feels terrible for what boxing's former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, Jr. pulled off just this weekend, it's probably the fans who have come to love the sport. I just can't seem to understand why ''Money'' needed to do just that. It's simply unprofessional and shows the lack of respect and decency that he has, not only against his perceived ''nemesis'' Manny Pacquiao but, more importantly, to the whole boxing community. It was something which didn't merit any substantial attention but has gained a rather awkward following because it is, as people say, a complete mess. ''The No. 2 fighter in the world pound for pound has the maturity level of a 3-year-old,'' says Michael Rosenthal in his most recent post at The Ring Blog, where he labeled Mayweather's stunt as the most ''ingenuine and immature'' act in the sport so far. ''The video coincided with the beginning of the Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito media tour. Mayweather just couldn't stand the fact his rival was receiving attention and he wasn't so he took his shots at one of the most-decent figures in boxing. Other observers have blamed the sycophants who hover around him for the fact he's a spoiled brat, which obviously plays a role. He must also accept some of the responsibility. The man is 33 years old, for God's sake. Isn't it time he starts acting like it?''

In response, Pacquiao shrugged off Mayweather's comments by labeling his act as ''an uneducated message'' Obviously, we all know where the guy is coming from. Mayweather has been criticized in all corners of the sport as someone who ''refuses to take on the best of the best,'' thus flaunting an unblemished professional record in close to 50 career bouts. The failure to get to terms in a fight with Pacquiao was seemingly just another ploy to market his name and protect his slate. Such was also the reason why critics doubted his apology right after the rant video he hurled against Pacquiao. ''Which was the real Mayweather: The one whose racist and homophobic video rant aimed at Manny Pacquiao offended any right-thinking person who saw it, or the one who later apologized?'' Rosenthal writes. ''The answer is obvious. Mayweather is an obnoxious person who evidently has no sense of decency. He meant everything he said. This is the same Mayweather who called the HBO broadcasting team racist with absolutely no evidence, the same Mayweather who called his multi-million-dollar contract with HBO 'slave wages.' Mayweather can apologize all he wants and claim he ''didn't mean it.'' We know better.'' Beyond all of these, we all know that the guy surely knows what he has done and how it has affected his reputation. He was quick to say sorry and offer his apologies to anybody who was offended by his lousy act. ''He knows he went too far this time, which is why he quickly apologized,'' says Rosenthal. ''He could turn this into a positive, though. He could use it as a wake-up call to change his ways, to treat people as he wants people to treat him and behave in a responsible manner.'' Mayweather still remains to be one of the biggest boxing stars to date. He knows how to box, he knows how to win, and understands what it takes to gain the respect that he longs for. He may show off all his riches and his unbeaten record for the entire world to care, but the ultimate question still remains to be seen. Can he really take the fight against Pacquiao?

Reposted From Manila Bulletin

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