Friday, June 11, 2010

A Repost From Thea Alberto at Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Arroyo bids farewell to military, cites legacy

By Thea Alberto – June 11th, 2010
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Photo by Bullit  Marquez/ Associated Press

By Thea Alberto, Yahoo! Southeast Asia

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has bid farewell to the Armed Forces of the Philippines, an organization known to have firmly stood by her amid several coup attempts and persistent calls for her resignation.

“I thank the Armed Forces of the Philippines for this testimonial review but more than that for the last nine years when you gave me the best of your efforts, best of your skills, best of your sacrifices, best of your passion to serve the flag and the constitutional authority. Thank you,” Arroyo said in her speech during her last military testimonial parade.

After nine years in power, Arroyo will formally step down from office on June 30.

In her speech, Arroyo claimed she will be leaving a legacy in the AFP, with soldiers getting more pay and benefits.

“Within the nine years of my presidency therefore, we’ve increased the base pay of soldier five times,” Arroyo said, also noting that all soldiers will get another round of salary increase starting July 1.

Arroyo also said her administration has ensured that more soldiers’ family will be able to own a home.

More importantly, Arroyo said she delivered her promise of cutting insurgency.

“The number of insurgency today is half of what it was in 2001,” Arroyo said.

For his part, AFP Chief of Staff Delfin Bangit thanked Arroyo for everything she has done for the military.

“Madame President thank you very much. It’s been a pleasure to serve the country with you as our commander in chief,” Bangit said in his speech.

Photo by Bullit Marquez/Associated Press

Reposted From Thea Alberto Of Yahoo! Southeast Asia

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