Monday, February 2, 2009

Blog Review # 19 - Rose's Obstacles & Glories

Rose, Joops and Baby EJ

Rose, Joops, Rylie and EJ

Rose's Superman- Joops

The Superstar of the family- Eldon Jennings

Jillian Rylie eating

Move over Lea Salonga, here comes the new Ms Saigon- Jillian Rylie

EJ in a somber mood

Rylie in a playful pose

Blog's Name - Rose's Obstacles & Glories
Writer - Chubskulit of Legaspi city, Philippines and West Virginia, USA
Other Blog by the Writer - Misty's Adventurous Journey

A Proud Member of Filipinos Unite!!!

Foreword of Blog - "This is how you handle difficulties in life, building hopes and dreams, keeping your faith in God and reaching your goals and ambitions. In simple words it's SURVIVAL and SUCCESS combined. Life is an ADVENTURE, we have to keep on going even if things don't go as we planned it to be. This also tackles our day to day activities, experiences, musings, opinions, health informations, finances, gadgets, current events, home improvements and general business, etc."

Personal Profile - (Quoted verbatim fom her own personal profile) - "I am a proud Filipina from Bicol, happily married to a loving, sweet and God-fearing man and have two precious angels- Jillian Rylie and Eldon Jennings. They are the most important people in my life and the best thing that ever happened to me. I am resilient and hardworking. Love to have adventurous sports, travelling and love to try new things. Neve a quitter. Friendly and bubbly but can be serious sometimes. But of course I am easy to deal with."

Technical Features - Rose's Obstacles and Glories is a refeshing personal blog devoid of any ads. It is very feminine and exudes an aura of a family oriented blog. Photographs of her family, from her husband to her two adorable angel kids, adorn the whole blog. This is indeed a reader's delight, very appealing to the eyes and very neat and orderly. Template and overall layout are above par.

Ratings For Technical Features - 9.5

Contents - Contents are a hodgepodge of anecdotes of a happy and contented family life. Rose, her husband and their two kids are a picture of a model family walking in the fear of the Lord and enjoying bonding with one another. You can see from their facial expressions the joy and happiness of an ideal family life. They have also many friends with whom they share their joy and happiness. Their children take center stage in their lives. Nurtured in love and in reverential fear of the Lord, their kids will surely grow up to give glory to the name of the Lord. Both Rose and her husband love each other dearly and are happy wherever they maybe which can be anywhere else in the world where Joops is assigned as a sailor in the US Navy. The blog's contents are so refreshing and happy.

Ratings For Contents - 10

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Posted by: Mel Avila Alarilla
Blog Review/Ratings


chubskulit said...

Hello Kuya Mel, thank you very much for reviewing my blog. Thanks a lot for the high rating. I have posted something for you too.

Oh, the second to the last pic isn't EJ's hehehe... Just please delete it..

Once again, thanks a lot.. May God bless you always!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Rose,
Sorry for the mistake. I already deleted the picture. I'm glad you like the review. I really admire your family. You are a model family of a Fil-Am relationship that is very ideal and closely knitted just like Shawie of A Grateful Heart. I hope your wonderful relationship as a whole family, loving and bonding together, will remain till the very end. Just put God in the center of your relationship and you will never go wrong. I will be going over to your log to see your surprise for me. Whatever it is, I already thank you in advance. Thanks for your visit and appreciation. God bless you and your family always.

santoshi said...

Hello sir,

I wish to get my blog reviewed by you sir. Please review it and let me know what u feel about my blog. My blog is a picture blog, here i upload all my photoshop works. The url of my blog is

Thank you.

bluedreamer27 said...

hello sir long time no visit me here hehe pasensya na po
by hte way i juts went to his site and it seems that he is so proud of his daughter how lucky that girl was no hehe
have a great day po

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Santoshi,
I will consider it and will schedule your blog for a future feature. You see, I have to study a blog thoroughly, including the personal circumstances of the writer before I can make a near accurate review. I have been burned by a previous review and I am being very careful now. But your blog will be reviewed later. Don't worry. Thanks for your visit and request. God bless you always.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Blue,
No problem, just take your time always. Do you mean Santoshi? I will visit her blog and assess her posts. Thanks for your visit and valuable comments. God bless you always.


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